Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Hate is really easy. Controlling that hate is what's hard. In other posts, I'd refer to someone as M, well M's real name is Dani. I don't care about not saying her name now. I don't really know why I ever did to be honest. She's such a stupid, fake, hypocritical bitch. And she acts all sweet and innocent, when really she's not, at all. But everyone believes her act, because they're all fucking idiots. Johnny's starting to see her how she really is now, like really see it, and he knows that she doesn't care about him, and he knows she's fake, and hypocritical, and can be a bitch. I'm glad he's finally realizing it.
Last week he told me that she told him to quit smoking weed, which of course did not go over well with him. And, then earlier today, he made a comment about smoking weed on Facebook, and she liked it. Which is fucking stupid and hypocritical.
Now Johnny's starting to realize that if she really cared about him, she'd make an effort to talk to him, and they rarely talk, while she talks to other people all the time. So, she can make time for them, so if she cared about him, she'd make time for him.
I just wish he had realized all of this sooner...
Like, if Johnny and I ever came close to arguing, it has always been because of something involving her, and her acting like a helpless little girl to get him on her side. And, he didn't want to choose sides, but he'd feel bad for her, and try to get me to feel bad for her, or stop being mad at her too. Like, I wouldn't like her, and she'd go to him about it. Just him. So he'd be stuck in the middle, and she'd be acting all sad and helpless, just so he'd feel bad for her. So that caused tension between us. And she's done that several times.
I desperately wish she would die.

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  1. Die? Well, that's a bit harsh. I'm sure everyone has their reasons to do what they do, her reasons are just real hidden, maybe. I don't think she's like that just to annoy you, that would be weird, wouldn't it?

    Still, don't let me impact your life. Just commenting.