Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Last night was really good at Johnny's.We were acting like we're in a relationship, and we talked a bit about stuff involving he and I and being together, etc.
I sent him a message, that he knew he'd be getting after school, and we talked about that a little on MSN..
Yesterdya he was talking about how he thinks we're really close now, and I do agree that we are, but I still want to be in a relationship, and he isn't sure of what he wants. But, he says he likes how we are now, and that we're close. 
I'm definately more open with him now about how I feel..

There are three white rats in the litter, I do believe. And that means 9 black ones. They're all doing good, and they're starting to get fur, and get bigger.

They were born 7 days ago:


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