Saturday, June 04, 2011


First of all, to Sami, I don't mind you answering for me, though one thing has changed...
Anyways, I often don't respond to comments, because when I try to, it says I'm not signed in, so I click the sign in button and it takes me to my dashboard, signed in, but when I go to comment again, it says I'm signed out. Though sometimes it works. And sometimes I just don't know what to say. XD
Well, Johnny was supposed to come to my house for the night last night. He did come, but around 10 he started feeling sick, so we came to his house. And, I'm currently on his floor, under a blanket, as if it were a fort. It was so the typing wouldn't be so loud, since it's around 7:45am, and he's trying to sleep. I woke up around 30 minutes ago; wide awake. Apparently being under here doesn't help the typing, but it's not bothering him either way, so I'm still keeping the blanket there because it makes me feel cool...
Anyways, the thing that changed is that yesterday Johnny actually asked me to be his girlfriend again. My answer should be obvious; yes.
He asked in Subway, and said he had planned to take me to Subway and be all romantic and ask there. I'm not sure how serious he was about that, but he does know how much I like Subway. XD
And I don't think this is like the last time we got "back together" for like, a week. Because, we were talking about it and how I wanted to, and he agreed to, but never seemed very certain about it.. and it didn't feel right, fully.
But, this time, it was completely his choice, we were probably just talking about subs right before he asked, not getting back together. And, he had said that he had been thinking about it since Monday, and because I'm "so cool." I was at his house Monday for the night, and I did give him another shorter letter talking about us again..
And, he was okay with changing the status on Facebook, and refers to me as his girlfriend.
Also, as soon as we got to his house and we were still in his car, he said he's glad I waited the three months for him to come back, and of course I am too. He apologized too, which isn't the first time, for confusing me a lot, and having me wait and still love him for months after we broke up.
I don't know how long he wants this to last or anything, and I'm not going to ask. Especially so soon. But, I'm glad this happened, and since he was okay with it on Facebook, he probably doesn't want it ending too soon, because he wouldn't want to go back and forth between statuses like that.
At my house yesterday he saw the baby rats, and petted (XD) the one I chose that I want.
Anyways, I should go now; this is probably long enough.


  1. Aha. Now that is coincidental. Well, I'm happy for you :)

    By the way, thanks for the explanation, nice to know that you read my comments. And thanks for referring to me in your post XD

  2. You're welcome. XD I had thought of mentioning in a post before as to why I'd rarely respond, but then I'd forget about it later. I'm really such a forgetful person.
    I may have found a way to make it so I can comment on posts, seeing as it clearly worked this time, but it takes a little longer. But at least it works, hopefully.

  3. That explains everything!
    I'm happy for you, things are finally looking up :)