Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Well, I woke up at 5:00 this morning instead of 2:00.. so I had to go to school. For Yoga we went to the preschool not too far away, and did some yoga with them, in a childish way of course. We went on a sea adventure. After that the little kids got to colour pictures of underwater creatures, and the little boy sitting beside me, Hunter, started talking to me. He was really cute. They were about 4 years old. And he was talking to me about his pictures, and how he likes the colour red. And he told me about a time he went fishing with his mom, and they got two fish, and one was really big, and Hunter had to hold it down because it was flopping around, and his mom had to go get a bigger bucket, because the one they had was too small for the big fish. XD
Johnny is supposed to be coming over later today. I don't know what time yet. Yesterday he said he'd come over today for the night, and then today he said he might tomorrow instead of today, but then he said he'd come over for two nights, because we were talking about that. So, he should be over later today, and spend two nights here. I have a feeling he may not spend both nights, but I hope he does..
I'm really tired. And I have a headache, because I had a hot shower, and I have low blood pressure, so showers give me headaches, and sometimes come close to fainting. They've only caused me to actually faint once though. XD

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  1. LOL. For most people having a shower helps you to wake up, not faint XD

    Still, everyone's different.