Monday, June 06, 2011


She's twelve days old, and is the first to open their eyes:


  1. Awesome!!! It must be so cool to look after them from when they're born until they open their eyes.

    By the way, about the time zone thing... I'm not so top notch either (it confuses me quite a lot) but apparently I'm UTC+02:00 so it seems I had it right. GMT is different, it seems that UTC is an hour behind it for some reason. Although I'm not sure why, the Wikipedia page doesn't explain much...

    Anyway, I'll stop otherwise you'll have a massive comment that's probably boring you anyway XD

  2. It is pretty cool, but then I also get attached. Even my mom said she'd want to keep some for herself if she could. XD
    And, the comments don't annoy me. I usually get them early in the morning when I can't sleep, and I come on my laptop for something to do, and everyone else is asleep. XD