Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I just got home from Johnny's today after being with him for three nights. I kind of wanted to come home, but only because I missed my cats and rats. I could have spent another night, but both my mother and Johnny worked tomorrow, so it was a lot easier to just come home today.
When I was last home, I tried making a hammock for the girl rats, which they have not used. Then, I had to take the wooden shelves out of the boys cage, because wood absorbs pee... so I had given them other things to hopefully help them with having fun and playing. I even gave them a wheel. They sleep under the wheel, and pee inside of it. So tomorrow, I am going around the house and finding a bunch of new things for both rat cages.
I bathed my cat Care today, to try to get rid of fleas. Which is weird, because my cats are indoor cats, and wear flea collars... but the collars clearly aren't working. And the shampoo wasn't working too well either. Maybe on the weekend I will get my mother to help with bathing the cats.
I think I go back to school on the 6th. I'm really dreading it, because I don't want to be near Sarah, who has recently been coming up in my suggested friends on Facebook a lot. Shouldn't they not come up if their blocked? I'm pretty sure I blocked her....
Whenever I see something on my newsfeed including her, I have to delete the entire thing or it will bother me. I hope she isn't in any of my classes....
Going back to school will also suck because I will have to cut back from seeing Johnny like 5 days of the week, to well, not near as much. ): It's going to be hard to get used to.
Johnny said he misses coming over here for the night, so I think maybe he will now be coming over here more often, at least a little more. And probably even more when school starts, because it would be easier that way.
I have to go get some school supplies this weekend.

Friday, August 19, 2011


I'm really bored. I just got home from my cousin's house from staying there last night to see their new kitten. Since I had been at Johnny's for four night's before that, I brought my rat Harriet with me, since I hadn't seen her in 5 days. I hadn't seen any of the rats or cats in 5 days, but I could only take one, and Harriet is the most social.
Johnny's birthday was Wednesday. His friend Ben came over and we just played Super Mario for most of the day.
He had been going out of his way to hide his texts the last few days, and seemed more distant, so eventually I just asked why. I had been planning on taking his cell phone in the middle of the night and going to the washroom to read his texts...even though I don't know how to use a cellphone. I didn't want to sneak around like that, but I of course jump to the worst and assumed he was either going to break up with me or was going to cheat on me. I knew he was texting a girl, that I'm pretty sure likes him, named Victoria. But, when I asked him, he said nothing was wrong, and asked if I wanted to read his texts. XD After that I felt like nothing was wrong. I know I worry too much, but I'm still going to.
The last two times I've been home after being at Johnny's I've been more bored than usual, becuase I'm used to being with him, so when I'm here, I don't know what to do. It's going to suck going back to school....
Especially because I can't switch schools because of the Europe trip. Which means I have to go to the same school as Dani for the next year. I honestly don't know if I'll be able to handle it. It's really stressing me out.
I don't really know what else to talk about. There's a lot I could say, but most isn't really important... so I wont bother.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Today's my birthday. And my mother's birthday.
But, we aren't celebrating.
Last night Rodney, my mother's now ex-boyfriend, was drunk like usual, and got mad over the electricity, and the animals, which he has nothing to do with, but still hates. He was going around and turning on every electrical device in the house, because he was mad about the power bill....which makes no sense, he's only making it worse. And he'll be alone to pay for it.
Anyways, after that, he said my mother had to get out of "his house." Though they both pay for it, it's in both names. He has control issues. Of course we already knew we were leaving. After that, he  lost the chord to his camera, and spent like an hour yelling at my mother that she took it, which she obviously wouldn't do; that's just stupid. And telling her to find it, because he got drunk and lost it. A while later, he shut off all of the power in the house. My mother got him to turn it back on "but only for half an hour" as he said, though it was really only like 10 minutes. My mother tried calling the cops during this time, to have him escorted out of here, but he shut the power off before she talked to an officer. So, she put me and all of the cats in my room, and I locked the door while she went to the neighbors and called the cops again from there.
He turned the power back on once he found out the cops were coming, and then left for the night with a friend. If he had have come back last night again, he'd have gone to jail.
But he was allowed back this morning, and of course came back.
And he has more alcohol to just get mad again tonight.
But my mother found a place to stay with a friend for a month until we find a place to live on our own. And we're going to be packing the next few days and probably be finished moving by Saturday/Sunday.
Johnny's coming over later to take me to go get boxes to use to pack, because Rodney took the keys to the truck, so we can't use it.
We also need to find someone with a truck that we can use on the weekend to move everything.
We're going to probably be calling the cops again to come by some time to "keep the peace" as we try to move and decide what belongs to who.
He's just really childish and pathetic.
I took my birthday information off facebook so I wouldn't get a bunch of people saying happy birthday, since I spent today finding a place to live, and packing. It hardly feels like my birthday at all.

Friday, August 05, 2011


I just got home from Johnny's about an hour ago. Originally I was supposed to come home yesterday, but when we came here, my mom said she was having guests over, and didn't want me here. She was going to call my aunt to see if I could go there, but I didn't want to, so I went back to Johnny's for another night. I shouldn't have really been there in the first place though, because my mother and her boyfriend were out of town for Monday and Tuesday, and wanted me to stay home to watch the house. But, on Monday night, I found four earwigs in my bed, and I'm terrified of them, so I left my room, attempted to pull an all-nighter in the living room, but fell asleep under a damp towel from 7am - 10 am. I was under a damp towel because I didn't trust the blanket in my room, and most of the other blankets in the house are made up of frabics that for whatever reason really bother me. They make me feel sick and stuff. XD Johnny was going to pick me up around 7am, but luckily he slept in, because I had fallen asleep. I tried calling around 11 - 11:30, and he never answered, but a few minutes later he called back and said he was on his way then. So we went to his house and I messaged my mother saying where I was. But she never got the message, so my cousin messaged Johnny Tuesday night asking where I was, so I went on Facebook and messaged my mother again. She wasn't mad that I left when I shouldn't have, because of the earwigs. Which was good.
Johnny and I are supposed to be hanging out again on Tuesday, because that's my birthday and I wanted to hang out with him.
And then I go back to school in about a month....I really don't want to. Because it will mean less Johnny time, and my sleeping habits have been messed up again for a few months, so I'll be exhausted in school. They started in June, a while before school ended.
I think Johnny had said he'd take me school supply shopping, but he probably forgot, it was quickly said in passing in June. I like school supply shopping, but I hate school.
Johnny was talking about how whenever his parents moved to another province, he might move up there too. He wants to I think. At first I was scared, because it's another province, and we'd be far away. But, he said if he did move, he'd want me to go with him. Which, I'd definately do. Even though I'm young. It's legal. I'd just have to come back and visit my mother a lot or she'd go insane. And he'd only move there for a few years and then come back here. I wouldn't decide to live there, I'm happy here, but if he were going there, I'd want to go just to be with him.
I was possibly going to be babysitting for my father tonight, watching Oliver. But luckily I ended up not having to. I'd like to see Oliver, but I don't like sleeping in that house at all. Johnny said I should sleep in Oliver's room with him, but Oliver doesn't sleep with a night light, and I do. So that wouldn't work out right.
Anyways, I'm going to stop talking now...