Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 10

Day 10 - Did you have a good day or a bad day? Where do you think that defining line was?
Today was both good and bad. I had to be woken up at 8, to go to school and get my report card. I had to see Dani and not throw my textbook at her face. I was shaking I was so mad...
Anyways, I got 81 in Yoga, 72 in Bio, 67 in Canadian History, 61 in Global History, 75 in English, 45 in Math, and 21 in Chemistry.
I thought I would get like a 9 in Chemistry honestly.... I actually didn't even write the exam...
And, as for math, we dont need Math 11 to graduate, and the teacher never even told us that until it was too late to switch courses. I wouldnt have dropped it if I knew on time.
So, after finally leaving school and hour later, I went and got a new cage for the boy rats with my mother. There were no rat cages, so we got a chinchilla one. And, since the babies are small, I had to rat proof it. It took a total of 7 - 8 hours to put it together, rat proof it, and get it ready for the baby boys and Shane.... 6.5 hours, going towards tying wire mesh stuff to the outside of the cage... Guess who almost went insane today?
Anyways, I put the boys and Shane in, and they're all doing great. They get along well and like their cage. Which, I also require a spoon to open because I'm too weak.
My father stopped in to drop off child money stuff, and my mother was asleep, so I had to answer the door. Well, not answer it, go meet him, since he was already inside. He asked me to baby sit for him Sunday - Tuesday, since he'd be working away for a few days. If he actually does need me to I will, since that will mean seeing Oliver without seeing him hardly at all.
Also, Johnny will be coming over pretty soon, for I'm pretty sure the  night.
So, today started out bad, and got good.
Finishing the cage and putting the rats in it was the changing point, though it was also really sad, because they're growing up too fast! And they might miss Mikey and their sisters, and Mikey and the sisters miss them. And when they leave for good, I'll miss them. ):

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