Monday, June 06, 2011

No school.

For me, at least. I thought it was bad when I got up at 6:30 yesterday... well, I've pretty much been up since 2:00am, this morning. I did get back to sleep twice, for 30 minutes each, at 6:30 and 7:30, but that's it. And, that's why I'm not in school today, I'd be too exhausted.
When I fell back asleep at 7:30, I had a dream that Johnny was moving away, which was a rather bad dream. But, I don't think he'll be moving any time soon, at least not far away. Which is very good. Like most of my dreams, it had other weird bits of information in it, like I had a pool, with frogs in it (Johnny and I were catching them..) and, I was going on a road trip with my cousin, aunt, and yoga teacher, and Johnny left his laptop in a barn/shed, so I went on it, and left him a message about him moving, and I needed to shave my legs.
At least because I'm staying hom from school today, there's a good chance I'll get to talk to Johnny more than I would if I went to school. There's 9 days of school left I think. Exams start next Thursday, but there's still classes going on that day.. That's probably the last day of classes, it's what I'm going by, and I think most other people are too.
I checked all of the babies last night, and there are 7 or 8 boys, and 4 or 5 girls. There's one I wasn't 100% sure about, but I counted it as a girl originally. It only took like 5 minutes or so to get them all; it was pretty easy to tell. But, I'll still have to keep checking, just to be sure.


  1. Well, getting up late is a bad thing, but I guess no school is a good thing (right?).

    By the way, I was wondering what the time difference was between here and where you are. Since you posted just now I can see that I'm 6 hours ahead of you. And I'm GMT+3, which means you must be GMT-3, right?

  2. Well, according to the clock on my laptop, it's UTC-04:00. I'm not really good with time zone stuff. XD