Thursday, June 16, 2011


Shane fully met one of his babies for the first time today. Meaning, they hung out together in his cage for about ten minutes, and Shane even sniffed the babies bum. Dogs do that to meet eachother (I think) so that's probably why they do too. And, it was a boy I put in, so in a few weeks, they'll be living together, but not for long, since there's less than three weeks until I can start selling the babies. I put July 5th as the first day to be able to sell them.
That's them...
Since my mother still hasn't been able to get another big rat cage, when the boys are put with Shane, I'm going to be switching things around so the girls are in this smaller pink cage, because there's less girls, and the boys will be in the big blue cage, because it will give them a lot more space, and Shane's been in this cage for three weeks now. So, switching it up will be more fair. And hopefully really soon we can get a second big rat cage identical to the first, and then I think my mom said I can get two more boy rats to go in with Shane, since I'm keeping one or two of the female babies. But two of the baby rats are exactly identical. They have the same marking on their tummy, and I can't tell the two apart. I had first just thought there was one, but then I saw them both at once and realized differently. Mikey has a similar marking on her tummy, so that marking must just be in their DNA.
I cleaned Shane's cage today, because he was sorting through some dirty shavings to get some cleaner ones for his bed, which I think he pees in. So, I felt bad for him, and stopped studying for my exam and did that.
I'm taking a break from studying now, and will continue later today. I got a lot of the stuff memorized.
The Law of Cosine I'm only really learning today.. XD I always got all of the stuff mixed up before, but now I know it's: (^2 meaning squared)
c^2 = (a^2 + b^2) (- 2(a) x b) x cosC.
So like:
2^2 = 4^2 + 3^2 - 2(4) x 3 x cos C.
4 = 16 + 9 - 2(4) x 3 x cos C
4 = 25 - 8 x 3 x cos C
-21 = -24 x cosC
0.875 = cosC
cos^-1(0.875)  = X
28.96 = X

X being the angle I would have been looking for.
I couldn't show the division or subtraction on here, but I did it, of course... That's how the number on the left side of the equal sign changed.
And I did that without looking at the sheet, except to check to make sure what I was doing was right, which it was.
I should go now.. XD


  1. That cosine stuff is pretty tricky, but I like it. I didn't exactly get what the equation was doing, maybe the Law of Cosine isn't the same as what I'm thinking about.


  2. I find the Law of Sine really easy, but not cosine. During my exam earlier today, doing the equation this way, which worked every other time wasn't working, so I messed with it until I found reasonable answers... XD