Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I haven't posted in forever...

'Here's the last little while of my life in point form:
  1. School started Sept. 6th.
  2. Sarah (Dani, the bitch I hate) was in my sociology class, but switched out, but also switched into my english class. >:(
  3. Because of school, I don't get to see Johnny like 4 or 5 days a week anymore. ):
  4. Yesterday he was over for a few hours, and like 10 minutes before he had to go, I started crying because I miss him. XD
  5. My rat Philis is sick. ):  But she has medicine, so she should get better hopefully soon.
  6. First semester I have Adv. English 12, Sociology, Physics 11, and a prep.
  7. Second semester I have Math 12, Agrifoods, Adv. Biology 12, and Physics 12.
  8. In November, my english class is going to see a Jungle Book play at an acting theater, not a movie.
  9. I am always tired from school.
  10. Philis has been keeping me up the last three nights in a row, so I'm even more tired.
And that's pretty much it I think....