Friday, June 03, 2011


I'm not going to school this morning, because I have a Chemistry test at 11, and I don't want to send a second one in, in a row, completely blank. My mom didn't really want me to, either. So she said she'd drive me in at lunch. Though I don't want to go at all.
Johnny asked me, last night, after I was in bed, in an offline message, if I wanted to hang out after school today. I responded back this morning in an offline message, saying yes, and asking when. So, since I think it's going to be at my house, I also had to stay home to clean my very messy room. And, I forgot to shower last night, so I had to shower this morning, and I wouldn't have had time to get ready for school and shower.
Last night, one of my old best friends (from Grade 4 - 7) tagged Johnny in a picture of Johnny Bravo and said it was him. She and Johnny have been talking a lot, and even when I was at his house, so I kind of hate her right now, and I commented on how Johnny Bravo is an egoistic asshole. I don't know if she knew I was trying to be a  bitch or not, she responded, but I couldn't tell. I hope she knows.
Johnny just signed in on MSN. (:
Anyways, yeah.. Johnny may comment on my rude comments on the photo, but I'll just tell him why. Though, he may be able to guess.
Anyways.. we made peanut brittle in Chemistry yesterday, because of the butter, I couldn't eat it, but I wasn't in an eating candy mood anyways, so I gave it to my friend who didn't get the chance to make it in her Chemistry class last semester.
Here's a picture of Shane, he's the daddy rat, and about 5 months old:

In Yoga, we're doing two karma yoga projects. We only had to do one, but we had three good ideas, so we're doing two. A girl in our class does a walk-a-thon for cancer research because her grandmother died of cancer, so we're raising money to give to her for that, and we're also collecting stuffed animals to donate to a childrens hospital.
I remember when I rode in an ambulance when I was 5 (asthma attack) I got a Zeddy Bear (Zellers teddy bear). XD
Anways, I should go clean my room now.. Johnny went back to bed, becuase he only had 5 hours of sleep, but he said he'd be over arounf 4:30, and that he'll spend the night... and tickle me the entire time. This is what I get for complaining that we never wrestle anymore. XD


  1. I had gone anti-blogger for the past few weeks, glad to come back and read your blog!
    Are you and johnny back together? what did I miss?
    When I last saw your blog you guys weren't really talking.
    Anyways, have fun! :D

  2. I'm not sure if she'll answer your questions, but I've been reading (and commenting on) most posts so I'll answer, if that's OK:

    They're not 'back together', but they do see each other heaps. She goes over to Johnny's place, vice versa, and such.
    Her rats also had kids, so she's been looking after them and taking photos. She'll probably sell most but she wants to keep one.

    Hope it's OK with me explaining that!