Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I woke up at 3:00am this morning, and got back to sleep around 5:30...and slept until 7 or 8 something.
I spent the night at Johnny's not last night, but the night before. I accidentally woke him up at 5:30...oops. XD He got back to sleep around 6:00 though. I don't think I got back to sleep.
I haven't gone to school yet this week, because it's not like we'd be doing too much. I'm going tomorrow and Thursday though. Then, my math exam is on Friday. I still haven't studied.... I have a yoga project due tomorrow, that I don't want to do, but I should..
A week or so ago my mother had told me I should become a rat breeder. And, I mentioned it to Johnny, and he said I'd be good at it. I wasn't really considering doing it, but then earlier today I was thinking about it more, because I'm going to be sad when the baby rats leave. And I was like "why don't I just open my own pet store?" And then I went to my mom, and I told her that we should open a pet store, like sell rodents, and pet food and stuff. XD And, she commented on how I still have a year of school left to do, so I said why don't we next year? So, she said maybe. If I still wanted to open on in a year, she said she'd let me. I don't exactly know how to go about doing that yet, but I'm sure I could figure it out and stuff, and then next year we could work towards actually doing it if I wanted to. It would probably be hard, but out of every other single job I have ever thought of, I don't want any. And, I've always loved animals, so even if I didn't make all that much money, I'd at least be happy with the job. And I'd have my mommy to help me.
I think it would be pretty cool if I actually went through with this and sold like, rats, hamsters, some mice, bunnies, and ferrets. (Breeding the animals myself so I could keep tract of their family history and health, etc.) And, sell food and supplies for those animals, and even cat and dog food, because lots of people buy cat and dog food, because those are popular animals. And, taking in rodents that people are getting rid of or not treating well, etc.
It's just a big thought right now, but it seems like a good idea. I want to talk to Johnny about it when he finally comes on msn, to see what his thoughts are on it, because he always gives good advice... though he probably wouldn't know anything about this. He can be supportive! (:
I really missed him yesterday after leaving his house, like right after I left, I missed him right away, pretty much. It's not as bad today, but it's 2:12 pm, and we haven't talked yet. He's been on Facebook a few times..
When I was at his house, he got me to play a video game with him. I often lost track of where my character was, and just randomly pressed buttons, but apparently I did pretty good, and helped him. XD
I was thinking of giving him the link to my tumblr account, so if he ever wanted to, he could go on there.. I had mentioned it to him a few times. So, I don't know, maybe.


  1. A pet store would be awesome. You seem to be looking after those rats pretty well. And I admit it would be a pretty steady income, as people always buy pet food, although it does depend what kind of town it's in.

  2. Well, the town I live in pretty much sucks. But, the capital of the province is a 45 minute drive away, which would be a much better place to do it.