Thursday, June 02, 2011


Today was a bad day. Not long after waking up, I started missing Johnny and worrying that he'd move on. Then I wanted to cut, but I couldn't, because I had to go to school. In school, I continued missing Johnny and worrying that he'd move on. I had left him offline messages this morning, one being that I wanted to talk to him when I got home from school.
When I got home from school, he wasn't on msn, so we couldn't talk. So, I wanted to cut again.
Like an hour later he came on msn, and we've been talking since. He said we should hang out this weekend, at my place this time. So, if he wants to, he can see the baby rats.
I still miss him, and I still worry about him finding someone else.
My friend Vicki said she might take one of the rats. Only one, but apparently she had only one before, and she spent a lot of time with it, and it was happy and everything. There's a good chance she'll take one.
They're moving too much now! Whenever I have one in my hand, I have to be careful to make sure they down crawl off my hand and fall. Before, they'd just lay there wriggling around. XD They're getting more fur too. They're growing up so fast.

Eight Day Old:

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  1. You're right. That one looks almost full grown now.

    Good luck x)