Sunday, June 05, 2011


I'm so tired. I have been ever since I spent the night at Johnny's, because I was up until 12 am, and then up at 7:30. Last night I went to bed at 9:10, and I've been up since 6:30am...
But, good news! I picked out the three white babies today, and I was able to successfully sex them! Two (including the one I'm keeping) are girls! (I wanted a girl) And, of course that leaves the last white one to be a boy.
I have a small garbage can with shaving in it to place the babies as I check the sex, so I don't mix them up, but there are 3 white ones, and 9 black ones, if I take all 9 black babies and put them there, Mikey will definately notice, and possibly not like it.. so I don't know how I will check them all, without getting them confused yet, unless I take Mikey out, and bath her later or something, and have my mom watch her swim, as I check the babies. But I don't think that's the best idea. And, if I put them in other parts of the cage, to not get them mixed up, Mikey will just move them all back.. XD
Their eyes should also start opening within the next few days, which I'm excited for. I want them to see me!
Johnny had asked about a week ago, to name the one I keep, and I said yes. Today, when I said it was a girl, he said he would name it an appropriate name, which is good. XD All of my other animals except Shane, have names of the opposite sex that they are. Ian, Aaron, Jake, Jon, Ben, Bert, and Mikey are girls. Care is a boy. And Shane is a boy.
Exams begin in 11 days... I am going to fail the Chemistry one so bad. And, hopefully I do well on the math one. Last year I did above average on the math exam, and I'm doing so much better in math this year...
I really want to know what made Johnny change his mind, and want to be with me again.. I may ask him the next time we hangout in person, or if the topic comes up while we talk on msn.

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  1. Personally Shane seems like a boy name, I know a guy called Shane. Although maybe where you are (America?) it's different.
    Johnny'll hopefully pick a good name.