Saturday, June 11, 2011


It's getting late, but I'm not exactly tired enough to sleep yet, so I'm going to make a post first. I don't have all that much to say though...
I took Shane swimming today, in the bath tub.
Mikey was being a lot more friendly than usual today. She was walking around on me, and willingly walking into my hand and stuff.
The babies are all doing good.
Johnny and I didn't talk too much today, because he's with friends. But, he's coming over tomorrow, and when we were talking, he said some pretty good things.
First, he said that's he's being thinking about me more, good things. And, of course, it's good for that to happen.
And, a few days ago, I mentioned to him how my friend Vicki had asked if I was going to prom next year, and when I said no, probably not, she said I should go (well, I have to go) and that I should go with Johnny. And, today he mentioned that, and said that he kind of regrets not going to his, and that he'd like to go with me to mine next year. I'd be happy to go with him. I wouldn't normally want to go, but with him I would..
And, him saying that also means that he plans to be close enough to me this time next year to go to prom together, which, is always nice to know.
And, last night he was either randomly signing out of msn a lot, or he was being kicked off, by msn. But, anyways, at 10:20, he was offline, and I wasn't sure if that was because of MSN, or because he was really offline, so I went to bed. I did leave him an offline message though.. I don't know if he got it though, because I got an offline message from him this morning asking where I went, and in my message I had told him I was going to bed. He also posted on my Facebook wall "Sorry I signed off! I love you" which isn't anything big, but it's still nice to have him show he cares about whether I'm offline, and that we can talk and stuff.
But, anyways, it's 9:32 now.. so I can probably go to bed soon. I have to clean my room tomorrow, before Johnny comes over around 8:00pm.
I just heard a gun shot, a shot gun, which probably shouldn't be used in this area, unless it's on a wild I'll be scared of wild animals all night, and I'm home alone.. great. XD


  1. I never really got how people's rooms get messy. I mean, my room never manages to get messy or dirty, not including the obvious carpet that needs vacuuming.

    It's probably because I barely spend any of my day in my room, in addition to me not having much stuff. Or maybe I'm just an organization freak XD

  2. MSN screws up quite a lot :P
    Haha, I do that too, only clean my room when someone is coming over.
    Are you sure it was a shot gun?
    Be careful :)