Friday, February 17, 2012

Johhny's been really great this week!

He's been really sweet, and he got me that necklace for Valentine's Day, and drove me in to get Valentine.
And last night, he just got even better!
This is what I posted on Tumblr about it, I don't want to re-write.. :P

When we went to the pet store earlier this week to get me another female rat (Valentine, because that’s when I got her), we saw two beautiful rats (the ones in the picture). Of course, I loved them and wanted one, but they’re boys, and I was getting a girl!
We both really liked them, and I kept talking about how they’d end up sold as snake food, and we were both sad of course. (This is why I rarely go to pet stores anymore).
Last night, my mom called the pet store, to see if they had any good rat food that what cheaper than what we’re buying now, which they did. And since we’re now saving $120 on rat food every month and a half, I asked if we could get one of the two grey rats, and she agreed. So, one of the rats was put on hold for us to pick up today, and the girl said the other was already put on hold by somebody. So I was really glad one was left!
I called my boyfriend and told him I was getting one, and he seemed really happy for me…
Later that night he told me he was the one who reserved the other rat. He was going to get me it as a surprise, but I had already reserved the other. :P 
So, since the one that was reserved for him has been caged alone (apparently he’s aggressive with other rats), he decided to keep that one himself! So now we have both of those pretty rats! 
It was such an amazing coincidence! It absolutely made my week!
Their names are Orville and Elliot. Orville is his, with standard ears. Elliot, who is mine, is dumbo. 
Even though he’s supposed to be aggressive, Orville seems to get along great with Elliot, so they will have lots of play dates! Or maybe he’ll even get a friend of his own… ;)
(Please ignore how bad I look in this photo...) The one I'm holding is mine, Elliot. And Johnny is holding his, Orville. They're about 4 months old, I'd say.
P.S. I can't get any more rats.. haha.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

I told him not to get my anything, but this is what Johnny got me for Valentine's Day:
The J and K are the first letter of both of our first names...


This is from Tumblr, but no one ever asks, so I'm just answering them here.
1. It's big.
2. It has a big closet.
3. It's beige.
4. It has a big window.
5. It's always way too hot.
6. It normally has 25 rats in it.
7. It currently only has 17. (The others are in the living room).
8. It isn't organized.
9. It was sweeped today.
10. It's the only room with light wood floors, not dark.

1. I live with my mother.
2. I am her only child.
3. My father has another child.
4. My little brother is 7.
5. My grandmother lives next door to my father.
6. I only have one grandparent left.
7. One of my cousins is one of my best friend.
8. Most everyone in my family plays guitar.
9. Uhm, we're of scottish decent.

1. I'm the fattest I've ever been. About 125 pounds.
2. I'm 5'3".
3. I'm really pale.
4. I have light brown hair.
5. I am not missing any toes or fingers.
6. I have a purple, hard to see, birthmark on my arm.
7. I'm left handed.
8. I have small feet.

1. I was born 5 weeks early.
2. I was forced to live with my father, but always wanted to live with my mother.
3. I hated my father and his girlfriend.
4. I wasn't treated well by my guardians.
5. My (now ex)step mother threatened to kill me.
6. I was forced to take pills when I was sick, even though pills make me vomit.
7. I hated my childhood.

1. It's small.
2. It has two churches.
3. It has three main roads.
4. There is a river running through the center.
5. It's in the country.
6. There are a lot of farms on it.

1. One is my boyfriend.
2. The other is my cousin.
3. One is 19.
4. The other is 16.
5. They both like rats because of me!

1. My mother gets mad easily.
2. My father is an asshole.
3. My mother is stubborn.
4. My father thinks he is always right.

1. I'm shy.
2. If you deserve it, I'll be a bitch.
3. I'm not always looking for attention.

1. Rats are cute.
2. So is my boyfriend.

1. His birthday is August 17th.

Monday, February 13, 2012


On the weekend I blocked all of my "friends" on Facebook, trying to get them out of my life. By friends I mean Vicki, Amy, and Brandon. I blocked Jenna about a month ago.
They're all friends with Sarah, and they aren't stupid, they should know she had to fuck up really badly to make me go from being her best friend to hating her guts. But, no. None of them asked (showing that they don't care), and they still think she's some wonderful person (showing they're ignorant and are okay with people being horrible).
I'm just so sick of them. They're so fake and stupid, oblivious and ignorant. And immature.
I don't want them anymore. I have Johnny, and my cousin Ali, and my rats. And I'm so much happier with just them. I don't need anyone else. Well, there's this guy I've been talking to online for maybe a week now, named Scott (I think...) and he's pretty cool and down to earth (and hasn't asked for nudes). Seriously, 99% of people on the internet are prepubescent boys looking for a girl trashy enough to send him pictures so he can jerk off alone in his room.
Anyways, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. (: And for the first time ever, I'm celebrating with just a boy (I give out Valentine's every year, childishly) By celebrating I mean I'm hanging out with Johnny. We have to go to town to pick something up, and he said we might go to Subway, but that's not for sure. I told him not to worry about getting me anything or taking me anywhere, because I'm fine just hanging out.
We had a hypnotist come to our school today, like every year, to do a show with some of the grade 12's being hypnotized. It was pretty funny. I've seen all of the acts for the last 6 years straight, but it's still funny to watch people get up there and act like fools and say stupid stuff. :P

Monday, February 06, 2012

Science Fair

For this years science fair, because I'm taking Advanced Biology, it has to be an experiment, so I'm testing whether male or female rats are smarter, by teaching my rats tricks, and seeing whether males or females catch on faster! And probably use a maze too at some point. I'm pretty excited. And in doing so, I'm getting one more female rat, so I will have 4 girls I want to use and 4 boys. But I may use more of mine too. Oh, and this will bring my total to 25, which is great, because I like numbers ending in 5 or 0 most. (:
Johnny ended up not coming over Sunday night, because his mom worked on Monday morning, so instead, he's coming over tomorrow and Wednesday night! (:
Then I'm going to my fathers on Thursday night to hangout with Oliver. His great grandmother, on his mom's side passed away last week.
And, I think of Friday, I will be at my cousins for the night, and we will be going to Chapters on Saturday. We've been trying to go since Christmas, but haven't been able to yet, because something always gets in the way.