Saturday, June 18, 2011


I've had naps for the last two days. I had one yesterday, and I had one today. I even kind of slept in this morning, until around 8:00. It's the best sleep I had in two weeks, and I was still tired.
I was at Johnny's last night for the night. It was pretty fun. We tickled eachother a lot, and for once, I was actually doing good at tickling him too, so it wasn't just him beating me at it. I made funnier faces too. I think I'm getting more comfortable to be really weird around him, like I only am with my family, well, some of my family. Which, of course isn't a bad thing. At one point when we were wrestling (it got pretty rough at some points) he punched my arm, with actual force, and I punched him back, which he said really surprised him, and that it hurt. XD Both punches hurt, I don't know who's was worse. Neither were as hard as we could, of course. I used to wrestle even worse with my old step-brother Brady, who is one of Johnny's friends now, and I was like 8 - 11 then, not 16, so I had less of a pain tolerance then. Brady's the one who taught me how to punch properly, and wrestle. I'm probably a lot tougher now because of him than I normally would be. Which I'd consider a good thing, incase someone ever tries to rape me or something, because I could, and would, fight back. And, I've never really been girly, so wrestling's always been fun for me.
Last night at Johnny's, he had been eating white cheese flavoured popcorn, and then at one point, we kissed, and it gave me an allergic reaction, to the milk in it. XD My chest hurt a bit, and it was a little hard to breathe, and my tounge got really itchy, but I just drank some pop, which stung my toung, and that got rid of the itch. It was kind of funny, but in a way it sucked too, but it wasn't a bad reaction at all, so it's okay. I have allergic reactions a lot, but not normally to milk, seeing as I'm vegan. XD When I was vegetarian, I had them a lot. Eggs, milk, ice cream and cheese were the worst.
My cousin is coming over tomorrow for the night, she's bringing her gamecube, so I can play Harvest Moon (XD) and so she can see my rats.
It used to be my gamecube, before I gave it to her and her brothers as a christmas present because I hardly used it.
Last night as I was going to sleep, Johnny and I were talking about ways we could maybe get closer, and he said when the time was right, living together could maybe do that. I, of course, would love living with him, and I like that he seems to actually be able to consider it as a possibility some day.
Anways, I've been writing this for a while now.. so I'll stop. Bye.

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  1. White cheese flavoured popcorn? Wow, I wonder what that tastes like. Probably like white cheese XD. I'll have to give it a go sometime.

    And isn't Harvest Moon that game where you basically run a farm or something? I think I played a version of it once.