Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Another snow day.

I still got up at 7:00 though, well 7:07. At least I didn't wake up between 4:00 and 4:40, which I had been doing for the last few days. I still want to sleep now, but I don't know if I can.
Yesterday was the first day of Second Semester. I had to go to all of the courses, even the ones I was dropping, So I had two hours of Oceans, which I'm dropping, and Math 10 which I'm dropping, because I was put in the wrong grade level of math. So, now once everything gets worked out, my classes should be:
Block A: Yoga 11
Block B: Global History 12 (This course is supposed to be really hard, but I didn't want to take Global Geography, and we have to take one of the two to graduate, so I'm getting it over with now.)
Block C: Math 11.
Block D: Chemistry 11.

I think this semster will be harder than last. And the last was pretty stressful at times. Global History 12 is similar to Canadian History 11, but it's a lot harder. It's taught by the same teacher, so a lot of the assignments are the same or similar.

It's now five hours later. I had forgot I was writing a post...
I've been cleaning my room since 10:00, it's getting pretty clean, but where my mother and I went through some boxes of stuff a few days ago, it's hard to find places to put everything. Hopefully I'll finish today, or tomorrow, if there's no school. It really doesn't look like there will be. We got about 15 cm of snow last night, and we're supposed to get 20 - 45 cm today. XD It's been snowing all day.
Johnny was going to come over today, but I really hope he doesn't now, since the roads probably really suck.
I can hardly see the trees behind my house at the other end of the small field, because of the snow.
I really hate snow. If it wasn't cold, I'd love snow.

The problem with my friend is getting worse. Johnny was talking to her, not about that, but about other things that caused him to figure out one of the reasons I don't like her, and he doesn't agree with it, so he doesn't think it's a good reason, but he only knows her side of the story and wouldnt want to know the other persons. And we were talking about it, and I was getting really mad/upset. Not really at him, just the situation with my friend. I find it's affecting Johnny and I, and it doesn't even involve him. So much for him not being involved... So of course I was even more mad. My friend and the person listed above, who I'm not going to name, haven't always gotten along so well, and it made me dislike them both, because I was in the middle. The guy is completely out of my life, and I just want her gone too. I just told Johnny that for the first time last night. He said he wouldn't be mad at me if it happened, which I had been wondering, becuase he's friends with her, and knew her longer than me. I pretty much met him through her. So, it's good to know he wouldn't be mad. He probably wouldn't agree, think it was a good idea, or like it, but he wouldnt be mad. And, it's my life not his, and I'm sure he understands that. I don't know what I'm going to do about school. In order to avoid her, I'll have to almost always be alone, because we have all of the same friends. And, in the mornings, I'm used to getting off the bus with her and another friend, and then we'd go to out lockers together. And a lot of people would notice if we just stopped being friends, mostly our friends, but still. And I wouldn't want to have to answer any questions about it. But, I'll probably end up just stop talking to her one day, and never talk to her again..


  1. I also cleaned my room today, since the new carpet went in. Well, more like "my stuff went out then back in" than "cleaning".

    And snow! We barely get snow. Sometimes, but then it's just really light.

  2. Gah! I hate snow days! they sucks ass. I want it to be summer all year long!

  3. I like snow days because it's a break from school, but I do hate snow. We get too much here. XD