Friday, February 11, 2011

I kind of feel so stupid writing this...

Well, Johnny and I broke up. And, I'm kind of okay with it... XD
I had been going on about how horrible it would be, but it's not that bad. And, I had a feeling he wanted to break up, so I kept digging and digging (into his soul!) until he finally admitted it. And we're still talking now, as if we're just really good friends, and we plan to stay close friends. I might be more upset about this tomorrow, but for now, I'm kind of okay with it. Of course I still love him, it's going to take some time to stop loving him, but I'm not heart broken or anything...yet. I'm starting to think that maybe tomorrow, when I wake up and remember he's no longer my boyfriend, I may be upset by it. But, at least for tonight, I'm okay with it.. We're still going to hang out and stuff, and maybe sometimes still have sleepovers, just as friends. Anyways, I'm tired, I think I'm going to go now..

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  1. Awe thanks good. As long as you are okay with it and you are still good friends it's alright. No hard feelings is a great way to end things. And it might hit you later but just know that you have a great friend to talk to about it now! LOL. =]