Saturday, February 05, 2011

Another Challenge!

So, a while ago, I said (or thought of saying) that I was going to do another challenge some time soon, so I've decided to now. I'm bored, I find it hard thinking of things to post now, and I've stopped posting daily, which is something I wanted to do, so maybe this challenge will help get me back on track. It's a 30 day challenge, so 3 times as long as the first, and 6 times as long as the Christmas one...
This is what it looks like:
(I'll be doing Day One in another post in a few minutes)

1: Name two of the most significant people in your life and explain why.
2: What is your stance on religon? Would you affiliate yourself with any?
3: What band / musician is most important to you?  Explain why.
4: If you could chose a time period to be born at , which one would it be and why?
5: At what age were you the happiest?
6: Name five things from your wishlist.
7: Do you read? If so, what are your three favorite books and why?
8: If you could live anywhere, where would you live and why?
9: How old do you think you act? Explain.
10: If you could only live off of one food and one beverage for the rest of your days, what would they be?
11: What is your favorite quote? How does it relate to your life?
12: What item of clothing do you wear the most?
13: What can you not live without?
14: Name things that you do every day.
15: Who is someone you admire. Why?
16: If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your remaining time on earth?
17: What do you want to be when you get older? Why did you choose it?
18: If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be? What would you say to them or ask them?
19: What is your favorite film? Why is it so important to you?
20: Would you consider yourself an optimist or a realist? Why?
21: Do you want children? Why or why not?
22: What subject did / do you exceed in / at school?
23: Are you a fan of art? If so, who is your favorite artist? What artistic movement do you prefer?
24: How attractive do you consider yourself?
25: Would you rather date someone plain with an amazing personality or someone beautiful with a plain personality?
26: Choose two: mentally stable, intelligent, attractive. Explain why you chose those two.
27: Which do you prefer: films or television? Why?
28: If you could choose to live forever, would you? Why or why not?
29: Do you wish for anything at 11:11? If so, what do you wish for? Has anything ever come true?
30: What do you imagine your life like at age fifty?

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