Thursday, February 24, 2011


Today hasn't really been a good day. I've had worse of course, but since lunch, I've been either upset, frustrated, annoyed, or pissed off. Well, I've been happy for some of it, but for the most part, I haven't been, or maybe I have, but the others are more overwhelming, and I feel them greater, so it seems like more time.
At lunch I had to write a math test I missed on Tuesday. In class, I'm good at math, but on all of the work that's been marked so far this year, I've really sucked. It's the same as work in class, I just can't do it. So, I failed another test. I didn't get the mark back yet, but I know I did. Then, right after lunch I had chemistry, where I noticed one of the charms from my bracelet was missing, which really upset me, so Chemistry class sucked. After Chemistry, I did find the charm, which was good, and then we had yoga, which was fine. And then, I got to my fathers (I came to his house for a few hours today, I'm getting picked up at 8:30) and as soon as I walked in the door, my grandmother said she needed help with her computer. Every single time I come over she needs help with it. And, she never gets anyone else to help, just me. I love her, but it gets annoying to constantly fix her computer whenever I'm here. My father asked about Johnny and I, and I just kind of mumbled responces. He probably thinks we're completely broken up, but oh well, it's none of his business, really. He also asked if I'm playing playing guitar. For the last year, I've said no, and he still continues to ask. He wants me to play. I don't want to play, and him wanting me to play makes me want to play even less. I have reasons for not playing, and I don't plan on playing anytime soon.
And then, the biggest thing to make me mad. And, I know it's really childish, but it makes me soo mad. Yesterday, I made an album on Facebook of Johnny and I, of goldfish and cats, the animals we "are," so I did that, and I was really happy with it, because it was something that was just of him and I, and it was special, and then today one of my other friends made one of her and another friend. And, I already have problems with not being different, if one of my friends does something, they all do it, and I hate when people copy me, which made me mad, but then, it also makes the one of Johnny and I less special. So, of course, it made me really pissed off. She tagged me in one photo, and told me about it on my wall, I removed the post, and untagged myself. I don't want anything to do with that album, or friend right now. I honestly don't think I'll talk to that friend tomorrow in school, because of it. XD Which I know is childish, but it really pisses me off, and I can't control it. She said in the wall post "(If you don't mind)" at the bottom of the post; I could have told her I do, but I know it;s childish, and Johnny likes the photo he was tagged in in it, so I don't want to cause any issues and make her delete it, though if I could, I'd delete it. I have to stop thinking about this.. I cry when I'm mad, and I'm in my fathers kitchen...
I helped my brother with his math homework today! He's not very good at math.. I have a big test tomorrow in Global History, but I'll study for it later. Maybe tomorrow morning, since I don't want to be near that friend, so I'll be alone. So, that's a good idea. And I have to make sure not to sit with her on the bus, and to not walk with her, but our lockers are side by side, which may be an issue, but oh well, she's going to have to find out I'm mad at some point. I said I was going to stop talking about this, and three sentences later, I'm back on the subject...
Í'm just not in a good mood tonight..

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  1. Everyone has those kinds of days. Where it seems like the smallest, stupidest things bug the shit out of you. I get that a lot lately because I'm already irritated at my baby brother and baby sister. They're the cutest things in the world, but they've gotten to the "I cry about every little thing" stage, and it drives me nuts! I can't get any work done!