Monday, February 21, 2011

Last night (:

Last night was really good! Johnny came over around 7:00, and normally he'd have just been staying until probably 10:30, but my mother and I were talking about how I was going to be getting to school this morning, because she wouldn't be home, and I can't walk to the bus stop, because it's too cold, and the sidewalk is incredibly icy, and then Johnny offered to spend the night and drive me to school this morning.
And then my mom and her boyfriend left for the night, and so unlike when they're here, Johnny and I had the whole place to ourselves, which is better than pretty much being confined to my room.
I showed him a book I made when I was probably 7. And, even though I was reading Grade 2 level books when I was four, clearly, I really sucked at writing. XD The book is so stupid, but hilarious too. He proceeded to make fun of me for most of the night about it, in a good way. He's still bringing it up on MSN. And we watched the movie The Road. It was a good movie, but kind of scary (to me), and sad. At one point, I was making him Mr. Noodles and when I was draining the pot, I spilled all of the noodles in the sink, so I had to make him more. That's not the first time that I've done that either. It was the first time with him, but not first ever.
We were up until 1:00 talking, and then we went to sleep, because I had school today. We talked about Hilary Duff for about 7 minutes. XD
Other good things happened too, but I only got 5 hours of sleep last night, and I'm half alseep now, so I can't really think of them, nor do I feel up to trying to remember. XD But, it was a lot of fun!
Today's my friends birthday, she's 17!
Oh yeah! Last night, I showed Johnny the fancy new book I got, the Vampire Chronicles one. And he said that I had to read it by next Sunday, so this Sunday coming. He didn't say why, I think just to see if I can, so I'm determined to. It's 1269 pages, and I'm on 33 right now... It's going to be hard. I used to read 100 pages in an hour, and now I read about 30... I don't know why I'm so slow now, I took a small break, and it shortened up then, and since then, it's just gotten worse, but I have to read quickly for this book so I get it done on time!
I'm going to go read now.. XD


  1. Don't read too fast! Then you won't really remember what the book is about. Thats what happened to me with the 7th Harry Potter book. I read it too fast cuz it was too good, and when I was done, I couldn't really remember the main points of the story. XD I'm a nerd like that lol.

  2. I'm trying not to read too quickly that I forget what happens, but even before, when I was reading 100 pages an hour, I always knew what was going on and remembered it. Usually, if I'm reading too fast for myself, I'll notice after about a paragraph, because I get confused, so I just go back and read the last paragraph.
    I'm pretty good at remembering books though, I was reading a book, and stopped in Grade 6 or 7, and I still remember where I am in the book, and what's happening right now. XD

  3. Ah, I see. Well, for someone that has severe ADD, such as myself, I hold on to a few certain details, and just forget the rest within minutes of reading that part. Do you like greek mythology?

  4. I like Ancient Greek history, and mythology is part of that, so I guess you could say I do. Mythology isn't my most favourite part though.