Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today, I went to Dollarama with my mom, because I was bored and wanted to buy some cool little trinkets and stuff. So, I went, and while there, I ended up buying a lot more than I had planned to, but I was also looking at all the cool party stuff (yes, I'm childish) and I remembered how Johnny talks about how he's never invited to his friends parties, and how like several months ago, I half jokingly told him I'd throw a party, and invite him, so I got some party stuff, and I'm throwing him a party. I don't know if I'll invite just him or a few other friends too. I'd be more comfortable with just him, and we'd have fun alone, or at least I would (XD) With friends, he;d get to see friends he hasn't seen in a while, but none of us would be as comfortable I think. So, I think it will just be he and I. Or maybe friends over until 9 or so, and then they'd all leave, and we'd continue the party on our own. So it's be a bit of both, but I'd have to see which friends would be able to work with that schedual. This wont be his usual type of party, ít's more of a ten year olds birthday party, and he's 18, but it'll be an awesome party anyways! And whether he wants to or not, he's coming. And there will be music. They type you can dance to. And Hilary Duff. It will be on a night my mom is working, so it's just us here.
This is the stuff I got for it so far:
Glow sticks, wrist size and necklace size
Bunny masks
Treasure bags
and balloons

And we'll have party games too, like little kid ones, but maybe with more of a mature theme, so he's not completely bored.
Like, instead of pin the tale on the donkey, if I can get big printouts somewhere, pin the guitar on the guitarist, or the Johnny if I can get one of him, because he plays guitar! XD And a treasure hunt, where he has to go around from clue to clue, and every few clues there'd be a prize, like a guitar pick, or something like that, until he got to the last prize, which would be something better than a guitar pick, but I don't know what exactly it would be.
I also don't really know if I should tell him in advanced about this party, or let him find out when he gets here.. XD Anyone have any ideas on what to do about that?
I have no idea when this party will be, hopefully within a month or so.
If he's not busy it could be as soon as March 14th or 15th, since it's March Break then, so I don't have to worry about school. If not, the next available time is April 1st or 2nd. And I'd rather is sooner than later.

It's a few hours later now... I messaged one of my friends on Facebook, and she said she'd most likely be able to go, so, now I just have to wait for one other friend to come on, so I can ask her. And get the one I already talked to to ask one of her friends, and then that would be five people total, I might see about one or two more, but I don't want it to be too many people, really, and I want it to be people who are comfortable around eachother a lot more than others.
So now, if others do come, all I really need to worry about is the transition from several people, to just Johnny and I..
I have several things planned for when other people are there, and only one for just Johnny; a scavenger hunt. I'm hoping to have it on the 18th or 19th. So, whenever I talk to him next (he hasn't been on MSN yet today...) I will ask him if he's busy then, and then invite him over for the night, so I can guarantee the date, and then tell others, and get as many of the close friends over as possible, and then, well, yeah.
I would invite my cousin over too, but I don't think she could get a drive back home around 9 or 10... And, I want everyone but Johnny gone by 10 at the latest.
This will take a lot of planning.. especially because I don't want Johnny knowing yet, or maybe not even until he gets here..

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