Friday, February 18, 2011


This weekend I plan on doing my math, chemistry, and global history homework, writing (maybe finishing) the short story for Johnny, reading at least the first part of the Vampire Chronicles (hopefully), catching up on sleep, and maybe even watching a movie, or learning more about UFO's or Moth Man. I've been kind of interested in those things recently, I don't know why...
I wont be able to talk to Johnny today becuase he's going out of town for a gig or something. I'm not completely sure. He messaged me on Facebook to tell me. So, I don't even really need to be on MSN tonight. I don't talk to anyone else on there. Was I already talking about something like this? I'm not sure, so I'll say it here, incase I didn't before. I hardly talk to anyone on MSN. I talk to Johnny daily, and other than that, there are like 4 people I talk to on there every once in a while. XD When Johnny was here a few days ago, like always, my msn was open, because this is my computer, my passwords are all remembered, I sign in automatically, etc. So Johnny for some reason started going through my contacts asking "Who's this?" for almost everyone, and I don't talk to most of the people on there anymore, so I'd tell him that, and we got into discussions about a few of the people, and then he deleted them all, he deleted probably half of the contacts, which is something I'd never have gotten around to on my own. XD Though he wasn't doing it to help me really, he said he just liked knowing who I talk to, which I understand. Some people may say that's controlling, but I don't think it is, and if I wanted the person left there, they stayed there. That was only like 2 people though.. XD But Johnny has nothing to be worried about with me talking to other people, or anything like that. I hardly talk to anyone on computers, other than my friends who I know in real life. I don't want him to think he cant trust me or something. He should know he can. I definately have nothing to hide, well nothing bad.
Anyways, I should go read or something now. Bye!


  1. Umm...I'm not trying to be nosey, I'm just a little confused. Are you dating Johnny or something? Or are you just really good friends?

  2. I don't think you're being nosey. (: And if it was something I really didn't want to talk about, I wouldn't post in on here. We're not dating now, we're together, but we're not really in a relationship. That's what we were for most of our time together before. But, even if we weren't together, I think we'd still be really good friends.