Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I fonally got contacts today. I had originally supposed to have got them in September, but my mom ended up having to reschedual the appointment, and then forgot to. And, finally last week she got me another appointment this week, which she also almost forgot about. Her memory is worse than mine! Anyways, she got me up at 7:00 to get ready for school, and then I decided to actually have breakfast this morning, because I was starving. I ended up scraping so much butter off the toast because she put too much on. And, then when I finished, I remembered that my eye appointment was sometime soon, and then that it was the 22nd. Then I had to figure out when that was, which ended up being today. Since the appointment was at 12:00, I didn't bother going to school for the morning classes. I went back to bed then and slept until 11:00, and had several weird dreams. After that, I got up, had lunch, and then went to the appointment. It took me about 30 minutes to get the fitting, and then get the contact in, out, and then back in, but I was able to. After that, my mom asked if it was even worth it to drive me to school afterwards, and I said no, since I'd only be there for a class and a half. So, I stayed home, and I read for a bit, and then started talking to Johnny, while still reading. I'm on page 100/1269 now.. XD This will be hard. But I must do it! The book is getting a lot more interesting now, so that's really good.
Johnny's quitting smoking, so I don't know if we'll hang out again for a while, like a week or so, because he doesn't want to be around me when he's cranky. Which, is understandable.
I've been sneezing a lot recently. I don't really know why, it's like I'm having an allergic reaction, but I don't know what to. I've been petting my cats a lot more recently, and they're starting to shed, so that could be it... I have 6 cats, and I'm allergic to fur. XD
There are so many viruses or whatever going around Facebook right now, it's so annoying. I keep getting messages from people to go to certain places.
Even though I had 11 hours of sleep in total last night, I've still been quite tired all day. I'm not looking forward to school, especially because I'm pretty sure I have a test in either Math or Chemistry. I have no idea which it's in though..
I'm going to go now, since I keep forgetting I'm in the middle of writing a post, and I don't really have much else to say.. XD

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  1. Well, its good that he's quitting. My brother has tried to quit four times now. And he is currently smoking another one right now. I'm glad I never got hooked on them, at least. Good luck for him!