Saturday, January 29, 2011

I hate thinking of titles.

The main reason I wanted to make a post is to share the fact that I had a good sleep last night. Most people probably would find sleeping good really uneventful, and definately not blog worthy, but I was really excited by it. XD I was at Johnny's for the night, and he really has such a comfortable bed. It's smaller than mine, so there's less room, but it's still incredibly comfortable. I'm almost always on his bed when I'm there. XD I had actually been there since probably 9:00, and I went fell asleep at 11:30. And, apparently I woke up three times within the night, I only remember one. Oh, and I remember when he shut the light off, I didn't open my eyes, so he had no idea I was awake, but my eyelids got darker, that's how I knew, but I went right back to sleep. I had 11 hours of sleep last night. And when I came home, around 2:45, I couldn't get the internet to work, so after a while, I was mad and just went to sleep, for another three hours. It's 11:00 now, and I'm tired again. But this morning, when I woke up, I felt really good, and not tired!
Last night, while I was at Johnny's, I got in an arguement with my Middle Eastern friend about World War 1. And he was so wrong. Everything he said was wrong. It made me more mad than it really should have. The agrument had started with him saying if there was no Israel or America, there would be no wars. And I commented on how World War 1 did not involve Israel, and America didn't enter the war until like 1916 or 1917, and the war started in 1914, so it wasn't America's fault that war started.
My Middle Eastern friend, I'm calling him this, because I'm unsure of his real name XD, doesn't like Johnny, and Johnny doesn't like him, but only because he doesn't like Johnny and likes me too much. But, I've made it clear to my Middle Eastern friend that I do not like him like that and I like Johnny, so many times, and he has to understand and respect that. But the guy is even more stubborn than I am, and I am really stubborn, even if there is no logic behind what I'm saying, quite often I'll still say it, and believe it to be true or right. XD
I don't really have anything important to say, and I'm tired and going to go to bed now.

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  1. Everybody always thinks they're right in any argument, or at least at the start. Myself included. The question is if the one who is truly wrong is un-stubborn enough to admit it.