Saturday, February 05, 2011

I watched one of the Saw movies last night, it scared me when I was watching it, but after that, it didn't really scare me all that much, surprisingly. I thought I'd never get to sleep, but I did! I'm writing this on my iPod because my laptop battery is almost dead, and I'm too lazy to plug it in. XD So I am at my fathers girlfriends house,my cousins and aunt just got here, even Ali! I was trying to make a post last night, but I was too impatient, because I was using this then too, so I did not finish it, and I don't want to look for the draft. And there were two things that I wanted to write about. I'll start with the smaller one. Even though I hope the bigger one is no big deal. Anyways the first thing is kind of, but not, about cheating. Yesterday at school, while waiting for the bus to my fathers, I was waiting outside with two of my friends Brandon and Jenna, and I don't have a winter jacket (I have one, but its dirty and I'm too lazy to wash it), and I was wearing gym pants, and a sweater and t-shirt only, so, of course, I was freezing. Then Brandon, who's a really nice guy in general, unzippered his jacket, and half wrapped it around me, while still wearing it, until the bus came, which was like 10 minutes. So, he was kind of side hugging me for 10 minutes. Brandon and I are just friends, obviously. But, when I got home, a girl messaged me on Facebook, and asked why I was cuddling with another guy while dating Johnny. I said we weren't cuddling, I was cold and he was helping to keep me warm because we're good friends. But she seemed to think I was cheating or something. Which I don't at all think I was. Brandon and I have no feelings for eachother other than friendship, it was just a long hug, in the middle of winter when I was freezing, and it's not like that's something we do a lot or something. He knows I'm with Johnny too, and wouldn't try to make me cheat or anything like that. Would you consider that cheating? I don't see how doing it with a guy friend is any different then doing it with a female friend. I haven't asked Johnny what his opinion is yet, but I plan to, and just to tell him, in case he ends up hearing from the girl who asked me, because it would be better if he heard it from me first, and I have absolutely nothing to hide. Brandon and Johnny know eachother and get along fine too. I hate how hard it is for people to accept the fact that girls and guys can be friends without having feelings for eachother.
There was the other thing I said I was going to talk about, but I don't fully know if I want to. Of course, I do want to talk about it, just so it's not a secret and all bottled up inside, but I may get the chance to talk to Johnny about it maybe tomorrow, after he gets home from his friends house, I;m not going to bother him while he's there, that's rude and dumb, I think. And it can wait a few days. It might not even be a problem, it could easily solve itself. And I've been through this before too, so I kind of know what it's like, and it's better than it being the first time or something. It worries me, but I try not to think about it.
Anyways. I should go for now.

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