Friday, December 17, 2010

School's out!

Until January 4th, that is.
Today was the last day of school, and it was a really good day!
I had double (2 hours) Adv. English first. During the first hour we read for twenty minutes, and the rest was spent on a student giving a presentation on prostitution. And, he's really funny, so it was a funny presentation and discussion as well. The second hour we had cookies, chips, and juice while watching Elf or Buddy The Elf, I'm not sure which it's called.
After that, I had 1 hour of Canadian History, where three people presented, so I just watched their presentations.
Then I had lunch, and I did something I rarely do; go to the cafeteria/cafetorium. I went there because while on prep, my friend went to Tim Hortans and got me a green tea, haha. So I went there to drink it, and sat with her and three of our other friends.
I had Biology next, and played the game, "I Don't Even" and won. (I may have cheated a tiny bit) That took up most of the hour.
I had prep last which I spent with three of my friends in the library. I'm usually alone on prep, so this was fun. I played with play doh.

Other Highlights of the Day:
- Watching Mr. Mattocks open his present from Dani. (Mr. Mattocks is the coolest teacher to ever exist! Seriously; no one beats him in teacher awesomeness.)
- Brushing my teeth at school
- Receiving gifts (A dinosaur, play doh, a CD, and a big, fancy, 'diamond' paper weight.)
- Hearing Mr. Mattocks sing the Element Song in his Scotish accent.

In general, I had a really good day, and I am so glad school is over!


  1. Last days at school are always cool. I also used to have a cool teacher called Mr. McDougle, he was awesome. On the last day of term he brought in a projector and his PS2, then we all had turns playing 2 player Need For Speed. The rest of the day we just did other stuff like Lego Technic and whatever.

    Awesome teachers are so... awesome!

  2. I love last days of school!
    I remember last year before winter holidays we had a movie marathon, we spent 6-7 hours just eating snacks and watching movies :D
    Happy holidays!

  3. Sami: Haha, he sounds like an awesome teacher!
    PurpleMist: Where we have usually four different teachers a day, we wouldn't be able to do that, but I remember doing that when I was in younger grades. I remember watching National Treasure.. XD
    Happy holidays to you as well, to both of you, actually!