Thursday, December 23, 2010

I want to sleep.

So, I ended up finally going to my friends house yesterday. We had quite a bit of fun. She taught me to play Chess, and I won 3/5 games! We watched Polar Express, and KiKi's Delivery Service with her older brother! All three of us loved that movie as kids. My mom used to actually call me Kiki, so that's why I liked the movie. And, today I found out Johnny likes it too, so sometime next week hopefully we're going to watch that movie and some other one that he says it good, but will probably scare me. I get scared over everything. This morning my friend and I laid in bed talking about funny stories from the last four years. We've known eachother for five years, and have been good friends for four. I was almost crying from laughing. There was one story from Grade Nine, it was the funniest for me. One day in Gym Theory, she asked me for tape, so I was looking through my pencil case for some tape, while we were still talking, and the teacher said "Katelyn, do you have anything to share with the class?" but I didn't hear him, and held up a small piece of used red tape and said "I have this red tape!" really loudly and excitedly, and it sounded like I was telling it to the teacher and the rest of the class rather than just my one friend. The entire class heard it, the teacher looked at me like I was crazy, and a few people asked what I was talking about, and THEN I realized what happened.  That's probably one of my favourite funny stories.
I'm celebrating Christmas at my house tomorrow, and again on the actual day, at my fathers. I'm not too excited to be going there, I'm going early tomorrow to his house, and coming back some time on Christmas day and then going back on Boxing Day for a Family dinner.
I'm in a pretty good mood today. I know I'll go back to being unhappy soon, but until then, I'm trying to ignore it, and just be happy.
There was a 16 day challenge that looked really fun, but I'm thinking of starting my 5 day Christmas Challenge tomorrow, and I don't want to wait, so I'm doing the 16 day challenge all in this post. In the New Year, I think I may do a Challenge at one point, just a short one probably, or instead of making a separate post for the challenge of the day, just incorrporate it into the day's post. I'm not sure yet though.
Anyways, here's the 16 day challenge, in about .5 - 1 hour(s).

Day One: List 10 people you trust the very most. 
This is in order from greatest to least, of the people I trust the most.
1. Johnny.
2. Ali.
3. Dani.
4. Matt
5 Vicki.
7. Missy
8. Cassidy.
9. Blake.
10. Jenna.

Day Two: List 10 movies you never get tired of watching. 
1. Ghost World
2. The Land Before Time 1
3. The Land Before Time 2
4. The Land Before Time 3
5. The Land Before Time 4
6. The Land Before Time 5
7. The Land Before Time 6
8. My Little Pony: Bright Lights
9. The Hangover.
10. Silent Hill

Day Three: List 10 tv shows you miss from your childhood. 
1. Dave The Barbarian!
2. Boy Meets World
3. That's So Raven
4. Proud Family
6. Power Rangers
7. Barney
8. Teletubbies
9. The Weekenders
10. Recess

Day Four: List 10 relatives you love being with. 
1. Ali
2. Oliver
3. My grandfather (Deceased)
4. Matt
5. Ben
6. Aunt Julie
7. My great grandmother (Deceased)
8. My grandmother (Deceased)
9. Uncle Paul
10. Aunt Brenda

Day Five: List 10 songs you can’t stop listening to. 
1.Kckstart My Heart - Motley Crue
2.Weighty Ghost - Wintersleep
3.Drunk on Aluminum - Wintersleep
4.Dead Letter & The Infinite Yes - Wintersleep
5.Astronaut - Wintersleep
6.Oblivion - Wintersleep
7. Blown Away - Shiny Toy Guns
8. Rocketship - Shiny Toy Guns
9. Empty With You - The Used
10. I Saw Her Standing There - The Beatles

Day Six: List 10 items you can’t go a day without. 
1. Laptop
2. Animals
3. Ear phones
4. iPod
5. Beverages
6. Clothes
7. Shoes
8. Blankets
9. Pillows
10. My bracelet.

Day Seven: List 10 things you can do best at. 
1. I'm pretty good with grammar and punctuation. I don't always show it on here, but everywhere else, I do.
2. Listen to people.
3. Help people.
4. Helping animals.
5. Reading.
6. Writing.
7. Cook fries
8. Make people laugh
9. Minesweeper, kind of.
10. Manipulating/tricking/lying to people.

Day Eight: List 10 of your favorite singers. 
1. The vocalist of Wintersleep
2. Care Failure
3. Bert McCracken
4. Kurt Cobain
5. Dallas Green
6. Vince Neil
7. Hilary Duff
8. My family has some pretty good singers.
9. Ben Kowalewitz - I probably spelled that wrong
10. Alex Gaskarth

Day Nine: List 10 of your favorite actors/actresses. 
I'm not good with their names, so if I put a character, it's the actor not just that character
1. Ryan from the OC
2. Summer from the OC
3. Mark Walhberg
4. The band mates from the movie Suck
5. Jack Sparrows
6. Aaron Paul
7. Trent Ford
8. Enid from Ghost World
9. Jake Gyllenhal
10. Jared Leto

Day Ten: List 10 of your imperfections/flaws. 
1. A line on my nose
2. A mole on my back
3. A mole on my upper thigh
4. My hips.
5. A scar on my bum, from a dog.
6. Two scars on my chest from a cat.
7. A scar on my forehead from a pancake.
8. My writers bump.
9. My freckle between my fingers
10. My eyebrows

Day Eleven: List 10 incidents that happened this year. 
1. Fight with my father
2. Fights with friends
3. Getting stuck in the city for the night
4. Drama
5. All of my friends, and I arguing with everyone and once, pretty much
6. Friends jealousy
7. Fighting with my mother
8. Getting put in the wrong math class
9. My history mark going from 94 to 69.
10. Skipping class.

Day Twelve: List 10 people that could make you laugh ANYTIME. 
No one can anytime, these are the people who best can
1. Johnny
2. Ali
3. Oliver
4. Dani
5. Vicki
6. Brandon
7. My mom
8. My cats
9. Jake
10. Fungi

Day Thirteen: List 10 annoying songs. 
1. Anything byMiley Cyrus
2. Anything by Justin Bieber
3. Anything by The Jonas Brothers
4. Anything by Rhianna
5. Anything by Usher
6. Anything by Michael Jackson
7. Anything about drugs, alcohol, money, sex, in a bad way.
8. Anything country
9. Creep - Radiohead.  I like Radiohead, but that song reminds me of my ex, who annoys me.
10. That I'm on A Boat, or whatever song.

Day Fourteen: List 10 things about yourself. 
1. I love kitties!
2. I can solve a rubik's cube
3. I can beat Minesweeper
4. I read quickly.
5. I was born at 5:02 am
6. My mother was born on the same day at 5:13 am
7. I can't make Kraft Dinner.
8. I can do a flip on a trampoline
9. I love needles
10. I used to ride a dirtbike, and plan to again some day.

Day Fifteen: List 10 things you wouldn’t change about your life. 
1. My brother.
2. My cousin
3. My friends
4. My cats
5. My boyfriend
6. The things I have
7. My interests
8. My personality
9. My distant family
10. My memories/experiences

Day Sixteen: List 10 things you WOULD change about your life.
1. My looks
2. Where I seem to be going
3. My mood
4. My intelligence
5. Where I live
6. Where I go to school
7. The weather
8. My body health-wise
9. I'd get a job
10. My father - I'm not sure what I'd change about him/a father. I was never really close to mine since I can remember, so I don't know what it's like to be close with a father; I don't know if I'd want to be close to one, I just know that I don't like mine. Maybe it'd be nice to be close to a father, but I have no idea, so I can't say I want a nice father, who's always been nice, because maybe I don't.


  1. Wow. That's is a challenge. I might have attempted it myself, only I have no time and would probably not be able to answer half of the questions.
    To be honest I have to disagree with you on some points (for example MJ's songs are pretty nice) but as I've said before, opinions.

    Anyway, good that you're feeling better today.

    By the way, the actor of Jack Sparrow is Johnny Depp. Like Johnny.

  2. Nice challenge, loved your lists.

    Btw, the red tape story was hilarious! :D

  3. Sami: I had quite a bit of trouble answering some of them, I had to think for a few minutes. It did end up taking me about an hour or so to fill it out I think.
    Almost everyone I know really likes Michael Jackson, but I just don't. I respect his music, I just don't like listening to it.
    And I should remember Johnny Depp's name now.. hopefully. That reminds me of something that happened last week. I was talking to my cousin Ali about The Land Before Time 5, and neither of us knew the name of the big swimming dinosaur that saves Little Foot and Chomper when they fall in the water. A few days later, I was at Johnny's and asked him if he knew, he didn't so he looked it up. Her name was Elsie, that's our (Ali and I) great grandmother's name.
    PurpleMist: That's one of the only stories that can still amke me cry from laughing years later. My friends and I now buy that brand of red tape quite often.
    I do a lot of stupid stuff like that too. My friends and I have probably oer 200 funny stories mostly from the last four years. XD