Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I'm going to a friend's house tonight. I was supposed to be there at 3:00. It's now 3:22. I was also supposed to drop another friend's Christmas present off before going there, at 2:30. My mother's boyfriend was supposed to be home at 2:15 at the latest so I would have time to drop the present off and go to my other friends house. But, he and a friend went to another friends house, he got drunk, my mom called to say he was late (and he has her car), he got mad at her, and still hasn't left his friends house.
He does stuff like this all the time.
And he's drunk every single day. Not because he's an alcoholic or has a bad life, just because he wants to be. He starts drinking at 10:00 am and is passed out by 6:00 pm, then up again around 10:00 pm drinking, playing loud music, and cooking food that he'll only eat half of because he passes out again.
A week ago or so, I woke up at 2:00 am to him playing music incredibly loud, and cooking. I had school the next day. So I just yelled at him to "turn the f***ing music down." Which he did; a bit.
He calls my cats whore. Talking degradingly towards women, talks sexually, has a huge ego, doesn't know how to talk quietly, etc.
He pisses me off so much.
He woke me up this morning from talking way too loudly, and he sounds like an elephant when he walks (which I dont understand because he's underweight).
Anyways, I've decided that from now on, whenever he's sleeping, I am going to be as loud as possible, just to be a bitch.
but I have to go now; he's finally home, and hour and 15 minutes late..

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