Monday, December 20, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

Because of the Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice (tomorrow) I got my telescope, a Christmas present, early. Normally, I wouldn't get it early for just any eclipse, but since this one falls on the Winter Solstice, I am. This is supposedly only the second time this has happened in 2000 years, and it isn't expected to happen again until 2094.
So, I spent 2 or 3 hours setting up my telescope yesterday with Johnny. If it weren't for him, I'd have never got it myself, honestly. And, then we took it outside, and looked at the moon to make sure everything was done right. The only issue is tightening it, so it doesn't move, but I'm hoping to correct that, and get my telescope camera working tonight, since the eclipse is supposed to be around 3:41 am (Atlantic Time), tomorrow morning. So, I wont be sleeping tonight. XD I know it's viewable in the Northern Hemisphere, but I don't think so in the Southern Hemisphere, I could be wrong though.
I'm pretty excited though. I've been talking to my cousin about it for about 2 hours on MSN now. XD I'm possibly calling her at 3:30 tomorrow morning, to wake her up for it. XD
If I do manage to get photos, telescope camera or regular camera, I'll try to post some.
I'm really happy about this telescope too, my old one, was for kids, I got it when I was ten, and really small; this one is bigger. My old one didn't have much mangification, this one has 675x magnification power, which is the most we were able to buy from where we got it, and it's a National Geographic telescope.
My cousin may be coming here for the night now, I kind of mentioned her being allowed to come if she wants, she said she'd see what she was doing. So if she comes, it would be more convienient, and more fun too, rather than it just being be, and mostlikely not my mom, seeing as she had to work tomorrow.

I  saw my littel brother for a moment, about ten minutes ago. My grandmother came to drop something off for my mother, and my brother was in her car. I saw him wave, and I waved back. I'm not sure if he saw me or not, hopefully he did. If not, I will be at my fathers house on Friday, so I'll see him then. : )

Anyways, I'm somewhat busy, and don't really have anything else to write about, so I'll go before I start writing about something completely pointless and random. Hahaha.
Here's the link for where I got the Eclipse information:

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