Monday, December 06, 2010

I wish I could think of a better title than this.

Well, I was going to make this into a more positive post, because people have been saying my blog has a very negative outlook, which is true, and I wanted people to know that I'm not completely negative. But I'm actually mad now. I'm going to try to continue on with a positive post, in a bad mood, but that may not go over well. XD Also, I'd like to say, this blog isn't about anything in particular, just me.
I won't mention names to be fair, the person will know I'm talking about them if I read this, but I don't give a fuck, no one else needs to know who it is, but, the reason I'm mad is, because I had met a guy online, and he was nice and pretty funny. He's from another continent I do believe, and we were somewhat friends. But he had always talked about liking me, and making me his (he knew about the guy I'm with, too) and when he realized that I'm not religious, he began trying to push his beliefs on me, so much. Which, of course, annoys me. I had tried to be nice, for quite some time, and everything really started to mess up last night. He was yet again trying to convince me of his religion. (He pretty much stopped trying to make me his when I was at Johnny's for the night, and he asked me to go on webcam, and saw that he was there as well) I really don't like when people try to change or control me, and he's done that a lot, so I got mad, said some rude things, and the conversation ended. Today, when he messaged me, I was still not okay with him again; still somewhat bitter, and it was apparent. He knew about the secrets that I have, and he always wants me to tell some to him, for pointless reasons, and I'm not comfortable telling him, which I said, and mentioned, as I have before, that I was trying to talk to someone else about them. He asked who it was, and I said Johnny, which I do believe I had mentioned before, and then this happened:

I said: Well, I don't feel comfortable telling you more (I had told him three that are unimortant, and that some people already probably know), they're secrets for a reason, and I am already trying to build up the courage to share them all with someone else.

He said: who is he?

I said: Johnny.

He said: ok have a good life with johnny

I said: What?

He said: i said enjoy ur life with johnny
u are not confortable to tell me more
so u are not oblige to talk to me

I said: You're fucking pathetic

And, I blocked him after that, and I'm pretty sure he blocked me. That guy just pisses me off so much! He's an idiot, and had expected that he would automatically come first in my life, and I'd leave others for him, and go back with him to his country! No offence to other countries, but I am Canadian; I want to live in Canada, and be religionless, and be with Johnny, not some guy I knew off the internet for a week or two. Well, I obviously don't need him in my life, all he does is start drama and arguing, something I rarely get with anyone else, besides my mother. But I'm a teenager, fighting with parents is normal.

I still want to write a positive post, but now that I've wrote this negative one, I will have to wait and write a positive one some other time. But, I promise, I will write one! Well, probably more than one throughout my blogging life. : P
I'm actually in a good mood now that I've ranted about that.
Well, bye! I'll try to make the positive post tomorrow. I don't think I'll be in school, I have personal health issues, well, that's how I'm going to describe it. I'm going to add a pretty picture!!!!

That's Clover, my fathers...4? year old beagle. She's not all that smart, but she's cute, and I love her!


  1. Shows you the effects of making friends online. And Facebook. And stuff. I don't have Facebook, Google has pretty much all I need. And even so, I tend to not make friends, really, I simply converse with people over meaningless things. Like why Facebook sucks. And stuff.

    But I think that that guy could have been a lot worse. At least he let it be. That's not pathetic, simply polite.

    But then again, different people have different opinions, right?

    (NOTE: I'm not assuming you have Facebook, it was simply an example.)

  2. I understand what you mean about meeting people online. Though some people are actually quite decent, and can become good friends. He clearly was not one of them, I just took a while to see that.
    And, I also understand that he could be worse. Me calling him pathetic, when he seemed to be polite, with what I showed in the blog, would seem rude on my part, but there is also what I did not share to put into consideration. Which, could be hard since you don't know what it was, but I personally believe it was deserved.
    Like you said, everyone has their own opinion, this is just mine.

    And thanks for the input. (:

  3. You're welcome. And I suppose that, counting everything else you didn't share, it'd be fairly reasonable to call him pathetic.

    Wow. I didn't think I'd like this blog as much as I do. XD