Saturday, December 11, 2010


So, I have a lot of homework to do, all for next week. Including two major assignments, that I have not started. I have had so much homework all semester, and I've been trying to do it all, and whenever it seems I'm catching up, more things come up! Anyways, since it's really stressing me out, I've tried to make a plan of action starting today, and ending Friday. I'm mostly putting this here for my own use, because it's much easier to look at it here than on Microsoft Word.
Anyways, here it is:

- Four paged shourt story.
- 300 - 500 word essay.

- 30 - 40 queue cards for English
- Study for Test Monday

Monday (Go to School)
- Study for test before class.
- Work on 99 Diagram assignment for Biology
- Step Four of Research Paper

Tuesday (Stay home from school)
- 99 Diagram assignment
- Independent Research Project (IRP)

Wednesday (Stay home from School)
- 99 Diagrams

Thursday (Stay home from school)
- 99 Diagrams

Friday (Go to school)
- Pass IRP 99 Diagrams, and Step Four of Research Paper.

Note: The IRP is due Wednesday, the queue cards are already late, and I am missing a class trip on Thursday to a historical museum.

If I don't do this as planned, I'm pretty much ruined. Since this is our last week of school before Christmas break. I already have a lot to do over Christmas break.


  1. That sounds like fun week. I share your pain. Haha.

  2. Good luck, let us know how the week went!