Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Challenges. Christmas. Homework.

So, the Ten Day Challenge is over now. I had started it around the time I started blogging. I did it because it seemed fun, and it was a reason for me to come back everyday and continue blogging instead of just forgetting about this, and never blogging, which seems like something I'd do. And, I'm pretty used to blogging now, so I doubt I'll just stop. I want to try to keep blogging daily, but that make be hard sometimes, but I'm usually never without internet access for more than one day, so I can probably do this almost daily.
I want to keep a blog going, because it's kind of like a journal, and I like keeping track of everything, and this is a good way to do so. I'll probably do more challenges in the future, I really like the challenges. There is a short, five day Christmas one that I'll probably do sometime very soon, since Christmas in next week.

I'm not at all ready for Christmas. I don't have any presents yet, nor do I know what to get anyone except one or two friends, and my mom. (My mom is taking me to get her present) My mom can probably help me with my father, and grandmother, and my fathers girlfriend, since I should get her something too. Brandon, Vicki, Dani, Oliver, and Ali wont be hard to get presents for. I'm mostly worried about Johnny, because I've never got him a present before. XD

My homework is going...not so great, but I'm not as stressed, so that's good.
It's my mother's boyfriend's birthday tomorrow, so I am leaving the house. I'm going to Johnny's, I'm actually supposed to be leaving in 15 minutes, and I'm not packed, oops, and I am coming back home tomorrow at 5:00pm. I'm supposed to be doing my homework there, but that may not happen. Hopefully it will, but I'll be distracted.. Hahaha.
Well, I shoulld really pack now! XD I may not be able to write tomorrow, but I'll try.


  1. You should definitely not stop blogging, I'm looking forward to what you'll be writing, now that the 10 Day Challenge is finished.

    And I know what you mean with homework, although due to Correspondence School, all of my schoolwork is like homework!

  2. Thanks. (:
    I honestly don't know if I'd rather do work in school or outside of school. Because, when I'm in school, I have friends as a distraction. But if I'm at home, I have the internet as one. The only place I can easily do work without distraction is my school library.

  3. Indeed. At first Correspondence School sounds like a new, fun experience, but after your first year you get sick of not socializing with actual people enough. You also have to organize everything yourself, and although it prepares you for university - a.k.a "college" - it can get a bit stressful.

  4. Yeah, I can see how it would be hard to socialize enough. I only really ever see two people outside of school, and only one often, but they graduated, so I only get to see them outside of school. Even over summer, I only really ever saw those two people, and before this summer, it was only one of them.
    I'm also not the most organized person, and if I take the time to organize something, it has to be perfect, which takes hours. Hahaha.
    I do need to become more organized though, sometimes hopefully soon.