Friday, December 10, 2010

Day Six.

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot to me, in no particular order.

1. Oliver. My six year old brother, and only sibling. Over the six years of his life, I've watched him grow, learn, and discover who his six-year-old-self is. It doesn't seem like that long at all. I remember so many instances from all years of his life. I remember arguing with him, comforting him when he was hurt or scared, and most of all laughing with (and at) him. He does the craziest things, makes weird faces, and has managed to almost completely have the word 'pig' banned from my fathers house from using it excessively. I know he looks up to me, his big sister, so I try my best to be a good role model, and help teach him about life, because some day he'll have to learn on his own, and the world isn't always a nice and understanding place. He has an older brother, too; Brady, his mother's oldest son. I think this is the third time I've wrote about him on here. Haha. Though this list is in no particular order, he's definately number one on an ordered list.
2. My mommy. When I was really young, I always had to be with my mother. If she left the room, I'd have to as well. If she was using the washroom, I had to be in there. If she went outside, I went outside, or at least watched through the window, depending on the weather. If I didn't know where she was, I'd call out "Mommy, 'mere!" The second word meaning "come here." Haha. I always prefered my mother when it came to my parents, I always will.
3. My grandfather. He passed away in the beginning of 2006. January 3rd, I believe. Even though it's been almost five years since he passed away, I still miss him; a lot. When he was still around, and I lived with my father, every day after supper and washing dishes, doing homework, etc. I would go over to my grandparents house (my grandmother lives in a separate apartment attached to my fathers house) and watch the news or sports that I hated. For hours. Not because he made me, because I wanted to spend time with him, and that's what he was doing, so I did it too. He's actually the main reason I still like watching the news. When we weren't watching tv, he'd tickle me, and bug me like that, or roll paper towel up in a ball, and we'd throw it at eachother, or I'd run through the living room back and forth as he tried to hit me with it. He'd always call me a turkey. And, my father's girlfriend at the time, said crossing your legs was very bad for your blood flow, which it could very well be, so, whenever I caught him with his legs crossed, I'd say, "Legs," and he'd uncross his legs, for a while at least. I now have a problem crossing my legs, I do try to stop, because I always tried to make him cross, but it's hard when I don't have someone always reminding me, like I did to him. When I was younger, he and my grandmother owned a convienience store down the road from their house, it was half store/half diner. A neighbor would always give me a penny when he came in, so I could try to sneek it to my grandfather, without him noticing. I don't think I ever succeeded, even though I went great lengths trying! Haha.
4. Johnny. My boyfriend. I feel weird calling him that, then again, I would anyone, and before getting together, our group of friends had a little family going, and Johnny and I were siblings in the family. So I went from thinking of him as my brother, to boyfriend. That's not normally how things work, so it's weird. On facebook, we're actually listed as both, in a relationship, and siblings. Haha. I've known him for almost nine months now. It'll be nine months on Monday, the 13th. We first talked on March 13th. I know this because I save my conversations and once we were talking about it, so I checked; I'm not a stalker... We first kissed on July 18th. I guess it's more normal to remember that date. I also remember because I got in a big argument with my father that day. He's 18, graduated High School last year. Plays guitar, loves cats (which is essential if you're going to be with me; I love cats more than most people) and he makes the weirdest faces. Anyways, he's my second boyfriend, unless you include some thing I had with some guy whose name is, I think, Michael, when I was 13; online. I don't count it. The first guy was pretty horrible. Johnny is not at all like the other guy. Well, they like some similar stuff, and think somewhat alike. But the difference is Johnny respects me, is kind, trust worthy, and keeps anything rude or likely to annoy me to himself. He's really funny. Accepts me for me, in every way. Even the negative stuff; he doesn't try to stop me. I'm sure if I asked, he would. Which is what I like; if someone tries to make me stop doing something, I'll do it more. I have to ask them for help in order for it to work. Johnny understands me, he knows me more than anyone else, and he hardly does. I only opened up about a few of my secrets with him last night actually. He thinks they're bad, disagrees, but he accepts me. He's actually really great. I wish I knew how to tell him better.
5. Ali. My cousin. She is nine months younger than me. Apparently she was conceived the day after I was born, which is kind of cool, in a way... She's one of the only people who I can talk to about a lot of stuff, like spiritual stuff, books, tarot, divination, telepathy, etc. We've always been somewhat friends. We didn't become complete friends until we were about 7 or 8. Our love of Hilary Duff brought us together. I can be as crazy and weird as I want to be with her without having to worry. She looks at me like I'm crazy, but that's okay. Haha. We have so many funny stories with eachother. She's one of my favourite people to just sit around talking to. She's my only friend I'm comfortable eating around. We think quite a like most of the time, and quite often just understand eachother. We're able to successfully communticate with differents moans and jibberish. Haha. Not only is she my cousin, she's my "bestest" friend.

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