Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I was going to write something positive today, wasn't I? Sorry, not gonna happen.
I was in a good mood this morning, but of course, that changed. It seems I'm almost always in a bad mood recently. Thankfully, winter break is coming up soon, or maybe not. I'll be stuck at home, with my mother, doing nothing but argue, until I go to my fathers for Christmas and have to pretend to like him. If it were possible, I would move out, but as a teen, with no lisence, no job, and still in school, that's not possible. Even with a job, I'd never be able to afford it on a teen salary. This isn't even what I had planned on complaining about... Haha, too many problems.
What I had been going to complain about.. I'm not sure how to describe it without telling too much information..I'll try my best. This has been happening since the beginning of summer.
Okay, let's say I know three people, H, R, and M.

M and R were dating. They broke up.
M said R was annoying and rude.
R said M was rude, but wanted to work things out. R tried to work things out with M.
M acted as if R didn't exist for almost two months.
I began hanging out with R as a friend.
M aknowledged R again. M said they only wanted to be friends and didn't know what they want.
R accepted that.
M said to R that they still liked them.
R liked M still too.
M would get mad at R when I hung out with R. M said R was going to like me.
While all of this was happening M was saying to me that R was annoying and they didn't want to be friends with them.
R stopped hanging out with me to make M happy.
M continued to say R was annoying.
R began talking to me again.
M and R continued talking about liking eachother.
R told me about still liking M.
M told me R was annoying.
I told M that R would never like me, for certain reasons, and told M not to tell R.
A few weeks later, R stopped talking to me. We still don't talk.

I learned a lot about M through R. Now, M, who thinks we are really close, has no idea that they drive me crazy, or that I know the truth about them. I don't want M in my life now.

Now the part involving H.
When M and R were dating, M would ditch R to see H. (R and H are boys) R would get upset, and tell M, and M would ignore it and continue to do so. M would hardly see R and always hang out with H. Of course R was jealous, but M did nothing about it. M let R be upset.
When R and I began hanging out, M was jealous, and R and M weren't even in a relationship, and M told R it upset them, and R tried to make things better, mostly by not talking to me.
It's exactly like what happened between H, M, and, R, except I'm now H, and M and R switched places.
But, where M was rude to R when R was jealous of H, and M did nothing, R tried to repair things and M was still unhappy.

All of this makes me mad, because M expects everyone to be nice and fair to them, while they treat everyone else like shit.

I hope all of that made sense.

Another thing about M is about a year ago, T liked M, and M only liked T as a friend. But T told M through an email about their feelings, and M said that they liked T as more than a friend too, as a fucking joke!
That's not a nice thing at all to do. M is manipulative, a liar, a total bitch, and still expects everyone to treat them nicely.

M pisses me off.


  1. After reading the whole situation, I don't like M either, heck I don't even like R. But I don't know either of them personally so I wouldn't know.

  2. R isn't too bad; they're judgemental, but other than that, they're okay. I think the reason R stopped talking to me is that M told him the things they said they wouldn't, or complained enough to make R stop.
    I don't want anything to do with either of them, but getting rid of M is hard.

  3. Oh I see.
    M seems to have a negative impact on your life and none of us need that, so as odd as it sounds, I hope you succeed in getting rid of M.

  4. Try not to get too bad-moody about it. Not only about the MRH thing, but also about your mum & dad. I mean, there are a million things in my life that could turn me into a maniac, but I reckon the best way to deal with it is to just keep it in. You're probably doing that, that's why you're blogging (probably), but my advice would be to not get in a bad mood. It might be hard, but when something's bad, look at the bright side. I know, that's awfully cliche, but I'm serious. That way, you can still enjoy the day, then once a month think of all the annoying things and demolish your pillow hating the world. Rinse and repeat.

    Hope that helps.

  5. PurpleMist: I think it'll me hard, but I'm trying to slowly do it, so they wont notice as much, and when they notice, there wont be a big problem, or big deal made about it.
    I do blog mainly to help get stuff off my chest, and so some day I can look back on who I was, and what I was like.
    I tend to keep stuff held up inside, until it all just comes out at once. Which, is horrible, I find, because that way it's anger built up over months, rather than one little thing.
    I do love my mom, we fight a lot, and I think it would be easier if we didn't see eachother as much, like if we had more time apart, but I know I need her in my life.
    I don't think there's anything to repair the relationship with my father, the best I can do is suck it up when I'm around him, for my little brother's sake. And, on Holidays, the rest of my family's too.
    And thanks to both of you for your imput. :)