Thursday, December 30, 2010

I hate F5.

I now know what F5 does...
I had a lot written here, and I had to take the F5 key off because something fell under it, so I took it off and when I put it back on, everything I wrote was gone. -.-
I don't even remember what I wrote!
My mom bought me a big sub from Subway, and I ate it all and felt sick.
I blew up her excersize ball. It was hard.
She was sitting on my floor and I looked down to see what I wrote, and it said "I blew up her ex" so I told her, except said I was writing to a friend, and she said, "You mean your father?" I laughed quite a bit.
For the last few days, I've been in a better mood. Ever since Johnny was here a few days ago, and I talked to him about everything. It's kind of weird, when talking to him, all of my present problems didn't cause me to cry, but as soon as I mentioned my grandfather I started crying a lot, and he's been gone for several years.
I haven't cut in about a week I think, based on the healing of the cuts from a while ago. I've only thought about it now when I think of homework, which is the only big issue I have right now, since talking to Johnny.
He says he doesn't know how to help me, but just listening to me complain (for at least two hours this time) and hugging me and saying positive stuff does help a lot. Maybe I should tell him that, it'd probbaly make him feel good for being able to help me.
I started cleaning my room today, it's about half done. I'm hoping to finish tomorrow and then do homework. I've needed to clean my room now for over a month. And, when I clean my room, I clean it really good; that's why it's taking two days to clean it this time.
Nothing has happened in the last two days that is realy worth writing about. I've been in a pretty good mood. Some funny things have happened, for example, earlier today, while taking a break from cleaning, I made a snowman out of Playdoh that my friend got me for Christmas, and then took a picture and put it on Facebook. And this conversation happened:
Matt: I almost see boobie
Me: They're buttons! ):
Me (A minute later): Oh..mine.

I was laughing at that for about 15 minutes because of my stupidity, lots of people noticed. Even one of Johnny's friends, who I never talk to saw it and mentioned it to him.
I do stupid stuff so much. XD
This attempt at posting is much less organized and less detailed as the original..
When I was cleaning my room today, I found a lot of stuff that I had completely forgot about. I found the bag that Oliver used to put the present he gave me for Christmas last year, behind my tv stand with a bunch of other stuff that fell there because of my cats. I still have the bag because he decorated it himself.
I save so much stuff, even pointless stuff, like empty packages of gum.I seriously think I may become a hoarder some day. I'm putting all of the toys and little things and notes and everything in boxes and bags though, so I'll still have them, but they wont be making a mess.
I think I may be sleeping on the couch tonight, seeing as there is no room on my bed for me.
A week ago or so, I was reading over my comments between a friend and I on Facebook, there was one wall post from me to her, that was about how one day my mother and I were driving in town, and she had me pause my iPod so she could tell me "GVE" which was on someone's liscence plate, and I got annoyed and asked her if she really had to do that, and how she then proceeded to remind me of how earlier that day, I called her to the room I was in worriedly, and she came running to see what was wrong, and I asked if a particular tree had always been where it was. (Apparently, it had always been there) And, how later that day, I called her into my room, pointed at my cat and said "That's a cat." And didn't say anything else. 
I find that really funny, because we both do pointless stuff all the time. I do it a lot more though. Almost all of my friends have said to me, "Your poor mother." When I tell them of something that happened that day. I'm really surprised my mother is able to put up with me, I can be so childish and annoying. XD At least I'm her only child. I believe that day, mentioned above, was the day I said "Hi mom" the entire 10 minute ride home from Wal-Mart, and she replied "Hi Katelyn" almost every time. XD
It's getting pretty late now... I'll try to write tomorrow, maybe about how cleaning my room went, and if I've actually finished. XD


  1. F5 ay? Didn't Bloggers auto-save keep a draft? Maybe not. Well, maybe you'd like to disable that shortcut then, you probably won't need it anyway.

    And guess what? I've been cleaning my room today too! We actually moved into this house months ago so I just left everything on the floor while I was waiting for us to put a new carpet in, but since that still isn't done I decided to finally clean up. "Clean up" being putting everything in boxes until the carpet's in.

  2. There probably is a saved draft... that I never even thought of. I'm not going to check though, because then I'll be mad that I re-wrote everything over again, and not as organized or detailed or anything, when I didn't even need to. XD
    And that's actually really similar to what I'm doing, except I had already unpacked everything when I found out we were getting new carpet (I don't know when we are though.)So I'm waiting until I know when we're doing it, and only taking everything out when I really need to.
    I expected it to be over the summer when we got new carpet, so I'm glad that unlike my in my mother's room and the spare room, I left this carpet down until we finally get around to putting new stuff in. The carpet is up in those rooms, so the floor is really cold.

  3. LOLOL how random! Idk what F5 is for either. I am using a mac and we do have F5 but it's such a small button. I guess Apple didn't think we would use it that much, LOL.

    I absolutely NEED to clean my room, it's a huge mess. Laundry sucks, especially if almost your WHOLE wardrobe needs it. UGH.

  4. I just learned how to use my washer and dryer yesterday, while home alone. XD While trying to learn how to start the dryer, I thought I should maybe pull the handle used to adjust the settings, like on the washer, but when I pulled it, it just fell off.. XD And, I am washing almost all of my clothes. Haha.