Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Shopping!!

Today, I spent three or four hours doing Christmas shopping. I was lucky enough to finish in one day, rather than going on more than one trip. I like picking the presents and buying them, but I hate the crowds, there are so many people, and they all walk slowly, only on holidays too.. XD Anyways, apart from slowly making my way through one clothing store, Wal-Mart, a music store, and a mall, I had a lot of fun.
I got Ali a t-shirt, it has oranges on it, which is kind of an inside joke between us and other friends, so it was kind of personal and thoughtful.
I got my father a robe. He was actually the hardest to buy for, I had no idea what to get him, and trusted my mother, his ex-wife, when she said he'd love a robe.. I don't know if that was a good thing or not. But, at least I tried.
I got Kelly, his girlfriend, two matching vases that match the colours of her living room, at least I think they do, I haven't been to her house in months.
I got my grandmother some blank CD's because she makes her own music, and puts them on CD's.
I got Dani, who I saw in the mall, a gift card for a bookstore and two tubes of paint.
I got Vicki a slinky, some gum that somehow ended up in the cart (neither I nor my mother put it there) and a dinosaur that you put in water and it grows.
I got Jenna another dinosaur like that, and some foam creatures you make.
I got Brandon a doll of some Cop guy or something, and a blue teddy bear.
(I should note, all of my friends and I usually buy eachother childish stuff like I bought. XD)
And I got Johnny a cat toy, which is an inside joke, and a guitar tuner and a guitar pick.

And that's all I got presents for.
I wrapped them too! Oliver's, Dani's and Johnny's are neat, all of the others kind of look like I did it with my eyes closed, they they were oddly shaped, that's why.
I spent more time in town today than I planned.
Well, I have nothing else really to write about...
Oh! After getting presents, I went to A&W, where Jenna works, and got some fries and said hi to her, and told her I got her present, but refused to tell her what it is. >:)
I'm going to try to make an interesting post soon, about some type of interesting/controversial topic..
but for now, I am going to go pet my cat so she stops scratching my face...


  1. I'm sure everybody'll be glad with what you bought them!

    Oh, and good luck with petting your cat XD

  2. Haha, thanks. That cat is so weird. Whenever she wants attention, she sits beside you, meowing, while scratching you. It usually just your arm (which does hurt) but that time for some reason it was my face.
    She usually has her tongue sticking out a bit while doing it too. Hahaha