Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day!

I'm pretty sure this is our first snow day this year, but there may have been one before this... I really don't remember. But this snow day doesn't affect me much for today, because it's exam week, and I didn't have an exam, so I wouldn't be going to school anyways. But, all of the exams get bumped up a day now, so my Friday exam, is now on Monday, because there's no school on weekends. That means my weekend starts now. And ends on Saturday. It's funny, one of my horoscopes on Facebook said my weekend would start on Wednesday night, and it started Thursday morning. But, it wasn't because an exotic foreigner called me. XD
So, today, I am going to REALLY clean my room, like clean it really good. Even though I feel sick (I'm not sick, I just feel sick). Johnny is coming over tomorrow, and I usually have a kind of messy room when he comes over, because I'm always so busy I just clean it quickly, which isn't that great. But it's never horribly messy. I was going to clean it yesterday, but that never happened, and since I don't have to study today, I have all day to clean! I might even vaccuum, and I hate vaccuuming; the noise just drives me crazy, kind of like a dog. Haha.
I'm going to go do that now.. Bye!

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  1. I almost never clean my room, for three reasons, 1)it's never really messy, I don't spend much of my day there, 2) any messiness is normally planned and organized, even if it doesn't look like it, and 3) almost nobody except me goes in my room.