Sunday, January 09, 2011


I have been saying now, for the last 6 months or so, that there are only 3 people that I hate. Well, I was wrong. I don't even know how I didn't realize until now. My mothers boyfriend is the fourth person I truly hate.
I've hated him from the beginning, literally. Half and hour after meeting the guy, I has already screamed and swore at him (not normal at all for me) and, because my mother took his side, I walked to another town and stayed in the woods, in thw middle of winter until I calmed down. My mother had even gone looking for me because I had been gone so long.
Of course, I'm writing this while mad. So some may think I only think I hate him because I'm mad at him, but no. That's not why. I honestly do hate him, every fucking thing about him.
I hate that he is drunk 24/7. He didn't have a hard life or any reason to be an alcoholic, he just likes to be drunk and cant function anymore sober because he's so used to being drunk.
I hate that he has two children who he barely pays attention to because he doesn't like their mother. That shouldn't matter, they're his kids, he should spend time with them. He sees them like twice a year for a few hours. He has more to do with me than he does his realy children. He could at least even call them once a week or something.
I hate how rude and cocky he is. He has a huge ego. He thinks he's the best guy in the whole fucking world and that everyone except me and his ex-wife love him. He even calls my mother fat and says she isn't good enough for him and has to lose weight. My mother isn't even really all that overweight.
I hate how he openly talks about sex where I can hear. No, I do not want him to hear him ask my mother if she wants his "large cock." She doesn't want me hearing either. I hate how he calls my cats whores, and says they want stuff done to their "cunt" when in heat.
He's a stupid, drunk, pathetic, dead beat dad, gross, narcissitic, pervert, who I really don't care about. he could die, and I'd be happy. Honestly.
You might be wondering why I'm so mad at him now. And, the reason is childish, but after every fuck-up, the small things come together to make a great big picture of horribleness. Anywyas, I'm mad because he touched one of my muffins. He was going to eat it, but it had the paper case thing on it, so he just left it on the counter. Once he left the room, I ripped that one and the other one left (where'd the other three go?) And sprinkled the pieces all over the mess he left.
First of all, I made the muffins for me, there were other muffin mixed bought for him. And, where I'm vegan, the muffins were made especially for me, because I can't eat most of the muffins. And, the egg replacer that I buy, which is really not much, costs like 10 dollars for one small box. So, he's wasting that, wasting muffins, etc. And, it just pisses me off. Anyways I brought all of the muffin mixes (vegan and non-vegan) into my room, and plan on throwing them out or making them for myself or friends or hobos or something. Anyone, as long as they don't go to him. The biggest muffine mix, which I can't eat, I might even donate somehwere, I'm sure someone could use it.
That guy, the Drunk as I usually call him (behind his back and to his face), is just so.....there are no words to describe how much of a pathetic piece of shit he is.
Well, I'm starting to feel better now that I've said all of that.... Maybe I will sleep tonight. I don't sleep when I'm mad, and it's already almost 3:00 am. He was making grilled cheeses at 2:00 because he was drunk.
Fuck. I hate him sooooooooo much.
And I don't hate many people.
Well... so much for getting up early tomorrow morning and cleaning my room and doing my homework before Johnny came over.
Oh, and another thing he did; my cat Jake was meowing earlier, so he called out for me to let Jake in my room. It was 2:30 in the morning, why the fuck would I still be awake. I definately shouldn't be. He just assumes that I'm awake, and I HATE when people assume stuff about me. I almost told him to fuck off, but that would mean proving him right about me being awake. Of course the only reason I was awake was becuase of him and his loud mouth and stomping around because he doesn't know how to walk.
Gah. He makes me incredibly mad.


  1. He sounds terrible :/
    I feel bad that you have to put up with him.
    He calls your mother fat when she's not really overweight, that's just disrespectful. I wish she sees what you see in him soon and opens her eyes to how he is affecting your life.

  2. Im so sorry. :(
    What does your mom see in him? Have you asked her that?
    If not you should. No teenager should have to deal with that.

  3. Umm....I'd like to say something here to make you feel better, but I'm not sure that much would. Well, besides bashing Drunk's head into a brick wall. I'm really, really not liking the way he treats your mom. I agree with you, he should go jump off of a bridge.

    I can sorta, kinda relate to what you are going through, a little bit. My dad is a drug addict and alcoholic. But I haven't seen or heard anything from him since I was three.

    Well, umm.....good luck with everything I guess. Don't hold back on your rantings about him on here either. I found blogging is a great way to vent out your feelings. :)

  4. Yup. Not much to say there. I agree with everyone so far. I mean, I don't swear, but I bet if I even knew a person like that, in any way, I would probably swear quite a bit as well.

    Oh, and I have the same question as Kaceel: why the hell is he still in your life?

  5. Your mom is way too good for him. She could do way better. You both don't deserve to be around a dirtbag like him.

    Hope things get better for you.

  6. KaceeL7: I honestly have asked her that, but she never really gives me an actual answer.
    Sami: I almost never swear in real life--unless I'm mad. And I have no idea as to why he is still around.
    And thanks to everyone else who commented.