Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My internet is working fine today!

Whenever I complain about something, right after that, it works. Like, yesterday (I think) I was complaining about how my left ear was hard to pierce to Johnny, but as soon as I tried after typing that, the needle went straight through. I was so excited/mad. XD
Last night, well this morning, I had two bad dreams. I woke up at 4:30 roughly, and I've been up since then; I'm exhausted. I almost fell asleep in Canadian History.
One dream has about my mother and I moving into a really old, big, fancy house, that was haunted by people who died at sea. And when I woke up, I looked at my mirror and the smudges on it looked like a face, so I was terrified.
The other dream was that Johnny got in a car crash outside of my house, because of a drunk driver. And earlier that night, he had a dream almost identical. He then said that maybe he's going to get in a car crash soon, which I did not want to hear at all. So I just said maybe he telepathically made me have the dream, and I've been telling myself that, so I don't worry about him getting in a car crash. And we're having a snow storm right now, so the roads will probably suck for the next day or two, which would make it a lot easier for him to crash.
I kind of hope there is no school tomorrow, so I can catch up on both sleep and homework.
I made my exam study plan either last night or this morning, I don't remember which (my lack of sleep is really effecting my memory) It was that one not this weekend, but next, I study for the English exam on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday and Thursday, I study for the Bio exam on Friday. I do much better if I cram right before it than studying over time, because, well, usually, I have a really good memory with this stuff. Last year on my math exam, I actually taught myself one of the formulas during the exam. I had never understood or knew it before, and I just kept putting numbers and letters together until it worked; I was so proud of myself!
I've been in a picky mood recently. There is like no food that I want to eat. I'm hungry, and I'm making fries right now, but I don't want fries. There is nothing here I want except juice. I don't even know what I was. Maybe pickles or salsa, or italian bread from Subway... but I don't really know. I might be like this for a few weeks, which really wont be all that bad, because I'll be eating a lot less.
It's now 30 minutes later, I clearly have nothing to write about, yet through my days, I can think of so many things, but by the time I actually get here, they either seem unimportant, or I forget them.
It's 9:41 right now, so I might go to bed relatively soon...I don't want to have a bad dream though, and I don't want to wake up too early. I hate my sleeping habits.
Anyways, I'm gonna go...


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  2. I can relate on the food thing. And the ideas for blogging thing. But it's a good thing that the girlscout cookies came in. Peanut butter patties are the best!

  3. I totally know what you mean by being hungry but not wanting to eat anything you have in the house - and about the thinking about things to write about but then having them seem unimportant when your blogging. :)

  4. I'm only a picky eater in the morning. I normally don't feel like anything in the morning, and eating cornflakes is a challenge, so I just have an orange. The rest of the day... I pretty much eat anything.
    I blog about gaming, so I can't really relate to the "don't know what to blog" thing (gaming's never boring), but I think I know where ye're coming from.