Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Short update, I guess.

Sorry i haven't posted in several days, the Internet has hardly been working on my lAptop, and I didn't want to blog on my moms computer incase she checked the history. I never even thought to try using my iPod until now. That's why I'm posting. I really hate typing on iPods, the keys are so small.
Anyways, the last few days have not been very eventful. I finished my research paper today!!! Finaly. I got new shoes, size six, and they're still too big! I have small feet! So either tonight or tomorrow I am going to return them and find another pair, thAt comes in my size, which may be hard around here…
I pierced my ears about 30 minutes ago with a needle. I first pierced my ears on my own in grade 5 or 6.
I have exams in two or three weeks. On a tuesday and Friday.
I can't think of anything to say. There is zomething I want to say, but it's too long and I'm in a bad mood now XD


  1. You know, you can delete the browser history.

  2. Hey,
    you're lucky I wear size 12!

  3. I know I can delete the history, I just don't know how and I don't feel like looking it up. And I might accidentally delete something important. I think I may soon just start writing word documents on my mothers computer and email them to me and then post them from this, my iPod, without saving them on my mothers computer.
    And, having that size must really suck too. I had to get another pair yesterday because there were no others in my size, and they were still slightly too big, so I had to get gooey things to put in the heels so they don't slide when I wear them. But at least I like this pair better.
    I hate how it can be so hard to find shoes that fit!

  4. Deleting browser history can be done simply by selecting the pages and tapping Delete. Although it may be slightly different in other browsers (I'm talking about Firefox).
    But, as you said, you might delete something important.

    Good luck with your exams!