Thursday, March 31, 2011


I don't really know what to post about, but I'm trying to post more often, so I'm posting...
A few more of my friends did that note on Facebook I was talking about a few posts ago. One, was a girl who I'm not too close with, but I think I'm the one she said she'd like to be friends with. She was in my History class last year, it was pretty fun. I loved that class. And, one friend either didn't tag me or say anything to me. I really don't care though. XD And the other was a pretty good friend of mine, who said       "You are definitely one of my best friends, whether you think I am one of yours or not. You always make me laugh, and feel happy. You were there when I needed you to be, even though all we talk about is a joke related things, you know when I am serious or not. You have a lot of mood swings, which annoys me, but I know no one’s life is perfect, and I respect your space when I notice. You should learn to trust me easily, even though I understand why you don’t."
It's kind of weird, because well, Johnny is my only best friend, and I never noticed that I was ever there for her... Or that I had obvious mood swings. Like, I notice when my mood changes, but I never thought it was obvious; I try to hide it and always seem happy. I guess it doesn't fully work.
Johnny is probably coming over some time this weekend. I think he may have been planning to today, becuase he asked if my mom was working, but she's not. And we both like it more when we're here alone. With me, it's especially since we broke up. I don't like my mom likes or understands our friendship. Not that I care, I just dont want her around him, or he and I when we're together.
In Yoga today, the theme was how we see ourselves, and body image, etc. The teacher had 4 signs up around the room. One saying Always, one saying Never, one saying Most of the time, and one saying Rarely. Then she's ask us questions about our body image, etc. I was never an always or a never. I was rarely for positive ones, and Most of the time for negative ones. I was never alone, luckily. The smalled group was, for the question "do you diet a lot to control your body weight?" and there were only three of us there under most of the time, and I think maybe similar numbers there for how much do you watch what you take in, like calories. I was going to go to Always, becuase it is usually always, but I didn't want to be alone, and it isn't every single time, so I stayed under most of the time.
Tomorrow for Yoga we have another Yoga instructor coming in to practice with us, a girl or teacher of our regular teacher, so we can get used to having other instructors other than just our teacher. I think it will be fun. I'm thinking about continuing going to Yoga classes after the semester ends, like at a facility in town or something. There was one I was looking at that seemed good, and it offered Flow classes, which is the type of Yoga I like, so I'd be doing that. Maybe. I wouldn't want to go alone, and my mother couldn't handle Flow yoga. One of my friends would maybe go. If any, it would be a friend from my class, probably. XD

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