Monday, March 28, 2011


I want to try to start posting daily again.. but there's a good chance that wont happen. The main reason I'm posting now is to procrastinate doing homework..
That thing that I wanted to talk to Johnny about yesterday, we talked about a bit today. I'm still going to think about it a lot, but maybe a bit less. He said it would probabl still have ended eventually. So I guess I should be happy with how it ended now, like that we're still able to be really good friends, and that we're still able to talk for hours daily, and hang out weekly.
A few minutes ago, I bent down to see Shane and Mikey and Mikey was sniffing, and of course, licking and nibbling my finger (he always does that!) so I gave him a treat, and he took it from my hand and ate it, and then Shane wanted one, so I gave him one, and he took it from my hand too. I had to help him get his, because it was kind of titled and hard to get in his mouth. XD They're getting more friendly and used to me, which I like.
Last night I wrote a note on Facebook where you have to say whatever you want to 20 different people. I was talking to Johnny while writing it, and we were talking about it again today, and he was talking about how honest I was in it. XD I tagged a few people in it, so far only Johnny and my friend Vicki know which ones are about them. The others could guess, one doesn't even want to. XD Most of the things I said are pretty bad. None except Johnny's were obvious. He's number 9. I did it in alphabetical order.. Here's the note:
Without saying names, say whatever you want to say to twenty different people:
1. You're so fake, you pretend to care about stuff, and think a certain way to be cool. You do what others want you to do. And when you do what you want to do, all you do is hurt or piss people off. You're incredibly annoying, and most people think that, so why haven't you noticed? Just give up already, hardly anyone cares about you, for good reasons. You hate me now, because I was better than you, and I came out on top, while you were stuck at the bottom. But I was always there for you until things completely ended with us, you weren't there for me; all you did was lie to me and use me.
2. You seem like a really good person. You're funny, and kind, and human. I'd like to be friends with you, or get to know you better, but I don't think either of us are confident enough to talk to eachother. XD
3. We used to be really close, and now we rarely talk, we haven't talked in about a year. We still care about eachother, but I hardly know you, and you hardly know me.
4. We're friends, but we hardly know eachother. Anything you know about me you've heard from others. You're funny, but I don't think I'd ever talk to you about anything too serious. We aren't close at all.
5. You're even more fake than #1, and honestly a huge, attention seeking slut. I don't care about you, my friends don't care about you, hardly anyone cares about you, and you brought it all upon yourself, so stop lying, and stop complaining, and stop trying to get attention, and maybe then you'll get real friend.
6. We're friends. You're nice, but you're not a very deep person. No matter how hard I try to have a conversation with you, they're all pretty boring. And we're really different, I don't even think you'd like half the things I do, or agree with half the things I do.
7. Maybe a warning would have been nice. They have the same name, and you act like it's no big deal.
8. You, as well, are fake. And a bitch. You act like you know everything when you don't, and then put others down for not knowing something else. You don't even realise how much you are making everyone hate you, and how horrible of a person you truly are.
9. You're truly the most amazing person I've ever met. You're incredibly unique, and funny, smart, caring, etc. I'm more myself around you than anyone, and I trust you more than I've trusted anyone else in quite a while. Anyone who doesn't see you as the great person you are is completely blind, or not lucky enough to know you well. I don't know if you know or not, but I do need you. I could say a lot more, but you already know almost everything I have to say.
10. I hated you for the longest time, but you proved you changed, and you apologized. Yeah, I don't agree with all of your opinions, actions, etc. but you're a lot better than he's ever been.
11. You're an incredibly nice person. Even though I don't want you out of my life, I want you out of his; you deserve a lot better.
12. You're such a self-absorbed asshole. I truly do hate you, no matter how much you say I don't. There's no way to fix all of the stuff you've ruined, so stop trying and leave me alone. I'm better off without you.
13. You want me to tell you stuff, and you expect me to, but how can I when I know you're just going to go off and tell a bunch of people about it? And, you're always telling me to be nicer, when you criticize just about everyone you see. No one and nothing is good enough for you, yet you're nowhere near perfect. Everyone's different, just accept that, and focus on your life.
14. I used to think you were so cool, but now you're just too stupid, stubborn, and expect too much from everyone. Leave.
15. You're so fucked up. I don't even know what to say. You put everyone else down, and treat everyone like complete shit, because no one is good enough for you. You have a certain way you think everyone should live their lives, yet the majority of people don't live that way. You get so mad over everything. Just to stay friends with you, I had to almost completely lie about myself, just so you wouldn't critisize me too. But there is one thing we have in common that I liked, but there are other people who can relate, too, so you don't matter to me. And, everyone who's known you, ends up hating you, because you ruin them, and control them, and treat them bad. You're a parasite.
16. I love you, so much. But I don't like who you're turning into. I don't like your influences. I don't have much control over who you are, and who you become, all I can do is hope you turn out okay.
17. We've had our ups and downs. I try to get closer to you, but I need people who I can be close to, and serious with, not people who I spend all the time joking with, and that's hard with you, and most of my friends... I want real friends, not jokers. It's just awkward when I try to be serious with you, like you don't know what to say and feel bad, and I don't want that.
18. You're a pathetic asshole. Your level of immaturity is surprisingly low. You only care about yourself, you don't even spend time with your family.
19. You've been there for me a lot. And, I try to open up, but I always feel like you're going to tell someone, and even if it's for the best, if I want them knowing, I'll tell them. And because of that, I have a hard time trusting you. But at least we're able to have a conversation that doesn't consist of only jokes.
20. You really understand the parts of me that others don't. Like, not the serious or deep stuff, but the interesting and creative stuff. I do completely trust you, but I don't feel right telling you about my problems, because your life seems so problem free.

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