Friday, March 04, 2011

Course selections

Well, I'm not in school today, I wasn't feeling well, and we're not doing much in school today, so I decided to stay home. Anyways, yesterday my class got the information and paper and everything for helping to pick our courses for next year.
There's only one course I need to graduate, but then, of whatever other courses I choose, 3 or 4 must be at Grade 12 level. The only class I need to graduate is English 12.
So far I've chosen 6 of 8 courses,which are Adv. Engish 12, Math 12, Physics 11 and 12, Adv. Bio 12, and Agrifoods 11.
I was thinking about taking sociology, but I'd rather take Adv. Math 12, because then I'd have that credit, which a lot of universities want for certain courses.  But I'm not sure if I should or not, because I'd also like 2 preps, because Adv. Bio 12 requires a major independent project, and a sciencefair project, and Agrifoods also involves a sciencefair project, and since there will be another teacher next year, he or she may ot let me combine both Sciencefair projects into one. And, if I can't, well, even if I can, it will be a lot of work, so two preps would be really helpful.
One of my friends was talking about taking Adv. Math 12 in correspondence this year, so she can talk pre-cal and cal next year. So, I guess, I could always take Adv. Math 12 in correspondence, next year, and then have my two preps as well. I could talk to the guidance councelor about that on Monday..
The only difference between Bio and Adv. Bio is a major project and a few more questions on the exam, so, it would be just about the same level of difficulty, and an Advanced credit may look better. I was talking to the teacher about it, and she said I could do it.. and to start thinking of project ideas now.. XD So, I have been. I haven't thought of one yet. For the major project, you can get a mentor, same with the science fair project, so I'll probably do that, so I can do a more advanced project, and have help, while it still counts as advanced. And, have a lab and equipment, because I think I might do an experimental project.
Well, I'm going to Johnny's for the night tomorrow, so maybe he can help me think a bit. XD

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  1. DAMN so many advanced classes! Looks like you are gonna be a busy lady! Good luck!

    Advanced classes DEFINITELY are worth it.

    I awarded you on my blog. =]