Monday, April 25, 2011


Well, I gave Johnny the letter.
After editing it to sound less bad...
Luckily I photocopied it earlier, so I have an "original" too.
He asked to keep his copy, but then decided not to, because someone would mostlikely find it and read.
I don't think they'd read the whole thing though.. it took him almost an hour to read it.
He said he's really glad I said it all.
And he thanked me for some of the compliments in it, and how I said he's not like most people in society. He said that meant a lot to him.
In the letter, I mentioned how I always sucked at showing I loved him, and how that was probably one of the reasons we broke up, he told me it was. Which didn't surprise me. Of course it infuriated me, I was mad at me for doing it.
He said for all he knows someday we could maybe get back together, seeing as he can't tell the future.
I can't remember every exact word though, of course.
But, nothing really changed between us, except maybe we're a little closer now. After he read it, we were talking and he had me come sit beside him, and we just sat there holding eachother and talking. And of course I was crying. I always cry now.
We talked a lot. And hugged a lot.
I'm incredibly glad I gave him the letter.
I think he is too.
Afterwards, we hugged and cuddled like I said, and we kissed a bit, and wrestled over my note where I write to him. I told him about it in the letter. He said he was going to read it some day. I don't know; maybe. He was trying to read it today; that's why we were wrestling over it.
I guess, today was really good, given the situation.

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