Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm really bored. I'm watching Ghost Whisperer which is sure to terrify me, but it's still a good show. Three Days Grace, the band, was on, it really confused me at first, because one of their songs started playing at the beginning of the show, and I definately was not expecting that.
I'm home alone, so I really should not be watching this. Hahaha.
Johnny came over for a few hours last night. We napped for most of the time. We were up for maybe an hour and 10 minutes or so. And, we slept for probably two hours or more. I don't really know. We went to sleep around 8:15, and he left around 10:00. He woke me up, and I never found out what time it was until he was leaving. I went to sleep again right after he left, yet I was still tired today, and I had about 10 hours of sleep.
That ex-friend (I dont really know what to call her other than that) is still coming up to whatever friend I'm with at the time as if we're all hanging out, and still none have noticed we dont talk, and in yoga today, she got my yoga journal for me. All of that makes me mad. I want her out of my life completely. But this means I have to leave every friend from school behind too, just to get away from her. She has other friends, she doesnt need to hang out with the ONE friend I'm hanging out at the time. And she doesn't have to get my stuff for me. I didn't say thanks, or even look at her. It's annoying.
This show is scary... ):
I'm making popcorn!!!!!
I think sometime pretty soon I'm going to be going to Johnny's. Like, some time maybe later this week. He had mentioned maybe today, but then decided not, because he was coming over yesterday. And, we were going to be going outside, and it's raining today anyways. At least it's getting warmer out.
After Ghost Whisperer, I'm going to watch Criminal Minds, which will also scare me. I hate that I like the shows that scare me the most. At least this episode had a really happy ending.. well, kind of. There's a guy from N*Sync on this episode too. XD
I'm going to go now..


  1. I love Criminal Minds, even though I've only seen about two of their episodes, ahaha.

    And Three Days Grace is a pretty good band. =]

  2. I got pretty much the same comment on Criminal Minds as Fiona. Like, exactly.

    I haven't really followed much of your recent posts (they're all a bit too long) but that ex-friend does sound pretty annoying. I mean, I can understand that she's probably just trying to be nice (with the giving you your yoga journal and such), but I'd probably find it annoying as well. Especially if I was trying to extract her from my life.