Sunday, April 10, 2011


I still suck at posting daily...
My cousin came over for the night last night. That was the first time I had someone over other than Johnny since my birthday around the beginning of August. It was pretty fun. We didn't do much, but it's still better than sitting alone doing nothing. We watched Stuart Little 2 today, and the ending was sad, and it made me miss Johnny more than I already did, because after he left Friday, I don't think we talked again on MSN because he was wit friends, and we were both with friends yesterday, so we hardly got to talk then either.
Not long after the movie was over, I made an excuse to go on MSN and luckily he was on, but we talked for 30 minutes at the most before he had to go because his friends were still there, and my cousin had left by then. But he said we'd talk later tonight, which I'm really hoping happens when it's not too late, so we can talk for more than 30 minutes or something. I hate when we don't talk much like this. It's only because we were both busy, but it still makes me miss him.
Something good happened Friday when he was here, but I don't know if I want to mention it yet... though it may be guessable. Of course it makes me happy/excited/hopeful/worried, and I want to talk about it, but if we end up not doing what we kind of planned, then I'd just feel dumb for ever mentioning it. So I want to wait and see if we end up talking about it anymore and if he still wants to or thinks it's a good idea. And if he really wants to, and if so why, and a few other things.
Anyways... my computer still has that dumb virus, so I'm stuck using my mothers computer until mine is fixed. I don't like hers, because it's in the living room, and the font is a lot bigger, so if someone walked by they mguht be able to see what I'm writting, which I'd really hate.
I'm finally getting over that little cold I had. I hope Johnny doesn't get it.. Everytime I get one, I'm always worried he'll get it, but he didn't last time, and doesn't seem to have this one yet.
I don't really have anything to write about... I don't want to go to school tomorrow. It's hard seeing other friends, without them inviting her over, and I can't really just get up and leave, so I don't know... I need to find a new place where I can go and be alone where none of them would find me, but that's difficult. And I am not spending my lunches in a bathroom stall. XD I'll try to figure something out tomorrow. My ex-friend comes over and hangs out with our other friends when its just me and them, so it's awkward. And I really hope she doesn't think her and I are going to be friends again, because there is absolutely NO way that is happening. And I hope my other friends realize and accept that soon too.

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