Friday, October 28, 2011


I haven't posted in a few days...
Last week we got grad photos done in school.. it makes me feel thirty.. XD
I think mine make my face look really fat. But anyways, here's one of them:
It's really grainy, or whatever that word is for all the white fuzzyness, because of the scanner.
You can see my neck tendon really clearly too. XD

Anyways, next topic..

I went to a nearby college/university (it's refered to as both, so I don't know which it actually is) today to talk to a professor about my science fair project for this year. I'm using soil as bedding for rats, and then seeing if it can be put back into the environment, but since it's winter, I'm going to be using it to grow plants instead to see how it works (indoors).

Third topic..

There was a presentation in my Adv. English class yesterday about a business programme offered at the college/university I was at earlier today. It's an International Business programme, which sounds really good and interesting, and gives you 6 months work experience over the 4 years. You also move to The Netherlands for a year for it. It sounds really amazing, and something I'd be interested in. But, then there's my pets and Johnny, if I went, they couldn't go. Well, Johnny could, but he doesn't want to. So I don't know if I'm going to go. If I went Johnny and I'd have to break up, and I don't really want to do that. But I might still apply for 2013, because by then, we could be broken up, or he'd be willing to go there, or stay together while I go.
He had a girlfriend in Brazil (foreign exchange student) who he was planning on staying with until he could go there to see her, or potentially move there, and was staying with her until they could be together, even more than a year long, like not being with other girls or anything, so I think it's total bullshit, that he's refusing to even try to stay together during that year, to be honest. He was younger then, and they weren't even together for very long and she treated him like shit.
It's my life, I should do what I want.

I don't really have much else to say. I'm tired and sleeping all the time pretty much.
I'm going trick or treating with Johnny on Monday.

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  1. Its a great idea that you are still applying just in case you two do break up. I feel bad for people who hold themselves back just because of a relationship. It IS your life and you SHOULD do what you want :)