Saturday, October 01, 2011


On Thursday and Friday I got two new rats (each day). So, four in total. They're like between 3 - 7 weeks old, so really young. Possibly too young. I'm feeding them cat food to make up for it though.
I'll make another post, all about them.
Brooke, one of the two girls has a lump on her tummy. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I'm hoping it's just a cyst. It's likely just not a tumor, since she's so young. I didn't notice until after I bought her, but even if I had noticed before I bought her, I'd have probably still bought her.
Johnny went with me both times to buy them all. He actually paid for one of the second two. And he named Brooke.
On the way back from getting them, he said when we're older, I should get my tubes tied, and we can just have a bunch of pets instead. I'm totally down for that. But I'd feel bad for my mom, because she loves kids and I'm her only child. XD
I'm hoping to get her into the vet on Friday.
Johnny had also recently taken his brothers hamster into his room, because no one else ever paid attention to it at all. But, when he got back home from being at a friends house and mine today, he discovered the hamster was missing. But he has no idea how it got out of it's cage. It's really sad. Johnny has 3 cats, so he thinks it's likely dead. But I like to have at least a little hope that she's still alive somewhere in their house..
I feel really bad for him. He really liked the hamster and tried to hard to become friends with it.. I hope he finds it. ): If not, I want to see if Johnny will at some point get a new hamster. He was really good with the hamster.
I'm always tired, which effects my school work. I have a LOT to do tomorrow, along with seeing Johnny for a bit. And I have a Physics test on Monday. I may fail.
Anways, in general life is pretty good I guess. School sucks for the most part. If it weren't for school, and Johnny's hamster wasn't missing, life would be pretty amazing right now.

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  1. Meh. I try to see school as a dent in my life. Sure, it's a useful dent, but the actual going-to-school-going-home-being-tired-but-need-to-do-homework-and-tests I just try to ignore. And focus on other things.

    Then when I'm done with school, I can choose what to learn and how XD